Opinion: Vermont was right to tighten up vaccination law

People should put the common good ahead of their self interests when it comes to something as serious as immunizations. Vermont just passed a law that prohibits philosophical exemptions. Hopefully, this law will provide protection in our community for the future. This might prevent parents from putting their child at risk as well as ill individuals, infants and the elderly who have a low immune system and cannot receive the vaccinations.
As a community, it’s our job to not only protect ourselves, but also protect those who are so vulnerable to illness. Statistics show that Mississippi and West Virginia were two states not impacted from the measles outbreak that originated in Disneyland this past December. This is because all other states allow some sort of exemption.
Doing your research on vaccinations and outbreaks can help prevent such health risks in your community. Vermont has established health districts under the direction of a nurse to provide strategies for preventing illnesses. To find out more information, you can consult your family doctor or Middlebury’s district health nurse, Megan Lausted. Other district nurses can be found on healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/ and Vermont’s Department of Health page is also helpful if you have any further questions, healthvermont.gov/hc/imm/schoolentry.aspx.
Spread the positive word about Vermont’s new law and get your child vaccinated.
Kelsey McCormick

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