Middlebury Police Log: Police deal with barking dogs, domestic disputes

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police responded to a domestic disturbance at a North Pleasant Street home on Nov. 20. Police said a woman called to say her boyfriend was “being difficult.” Police said the boyfriend acknowledged having some problems and was referred to the Counseling Service of Addison County.
In other action last week, Middlebury police:
•  Investigated a report on Nov. 17 that a stolen check had been forged and cashed at a Court Street Extension bank in October.
•  Assisted a Washington Street business by removing used syringes from their property on Nov. 17.
•  Assisted a local woman on Nov. 18 who was involved in an abusive relationship.
•  Investigated a report of someone fraudulently requesting taxi services for a third party on Nov. 18.
•  Received a report that some items had been stolen from outside of a South Village Green residence on Nov. 18.
•  Responded to a report of barking dogs at a Happy Valley Road residence on Nov. 19. Police said the dogs were reacting to a raccoon that had hidden itself under the house.
•  Investigated a report of a missing dog being released to the wrong person at the Addison County Humane Society on Boardman Street on Nov. 19. Police said the dog was ultimately returned to its rightful owner.
•  Assisted a person who had been trying to claim the balance of an overpayment from a local business on Nov. 19.
•  Checked on the welfare of a Morningside Drive resident on Nov. 19 who had reportedly not been collecting mail for several days. Police said the resident was found to be staying in a nursing home.
•  Responded to a report of a man falling asleep in his vehicle while waiting in the drive-through lane of a Court Street pharmacy on Nov. 20. Police said the man was just fatigued and had not had a medical episode, nor was he under the influence.
•  Ticketed a juvenile for being a minor in possession of tobacco at Middlebury Union Middle School on Nov. 20.
•  Were informed that someone had written graffiti on walls in the Battell Block off Merchants Row on Nov. 20.
•  Received a report of someone using another person’s ATM card without their permission on Court Street on Nov. 21.
•  Assisted with a student discipline problem at MUMS on Nov. 21.
•  Investigated a fender-bender on North Pleasant Street on Nov. 21. Police said a dog hopped into the front seat of a vehicle traveling south on the road, prompting the driver to lose control of his vehicle and strike the rear of another vehicle, causing minor damage to both cars (but no injuries).
•  Issued court diversion paperwork to the occupants of a vehicle pulled over for a traffic stop on Water Street in Nov. 21.
•  Responded to a noise complaint at the Blue Spruce Motel on Route7 South on Nov. 23.
•  Spoke with a noisy tenant at a Court Street apartment on Nov. 23.
•  Warned some Seymour Street residents who had been revving their vehicle engines on Nov. 23.
•  Warned a man who had been hunting at Wright Park on Nov. 23. Police said the man claimed he had not seen the “no hunting” signs.
•  Were informed of the theft of four tires from a Jackson Lane residence on Nov. 23.
•  Responded to a report of a possible domestic violence case at a Jayne Court residence on Nov. 23. Police said a female resident of the home was trying to get her intoxicated son to go to bed.
•  Responded to a noise complaint in the Weybridge Street area on Nov. 23.
•  Turned a drunken female student over to Middlebury College Public Safety on Nov. 23. Police said they saw the woman almost fall twice while walking along Weybridge Street.
•  Served an open container warning to a person on Weybridge Street on Nov. 23.
•  Responded to a report of loud college students allegedly setting off fireworks in the playground off Shannon Street on Nov. 23.  Police could find no one nor any fireworks upon their arrival at the scene.
•  Issued an open container violation to a person on South Main Street on Nov. 23.

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