Rifle season totals slightly up, deer weights lower

ADDISON COUNTY — The final count of deer reported to Addison County weigh stations during the 2013 rifle season came in at 421, up by 16, or about 4 percent, from 2012.
However, taking into account the drop in deer taken during Youth Hunting Weekend, the total not counting bow and muzzleloader seasons is almost exactly the same for 2013 and 2012.
Young hunters took 109 deer during Youth Hunting Weekend this year and 124 in 2012.
The combined total for rifle season and Youth Hunting Weekend in 2013 is thus 530, compared to a combined total of 529 in 2012.
The Independent will collect bow and muzzleloader results when the muzzleloader season concludes later this month and compare the complete totals.
The highest recent county total for all three seasons and youth weekend came in 2008: 1,026 weighed at Addison County stations.
Since then, the rifle and all-season totals are:
•  2012: Rifle, 405; Total, 875.
•  2011: Rifle, 329; Total, 671.
•  2010: Rifle, 428; Total, 1,021.
•  2009: Rifle, 301; Total, 840.
This season, weigh station operators generally report healthy deer, many with outstanding antler racks. But the number of larger bucks tipping the scales at more than 190 or 200 pounds is down.
Only two 200-pound bucks were weighed this year during rifle season, both at Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury.
Paul Wildasin shot the largest animal in Waltham, a 208-pound animal with a 10-point rack, while Sutton Doria brought down a 200-pound six-pointer in Ripton.
In 2012, hunters drove eight 200-pound bucks to county weigh stations to be weighed.
Buxton’s Store owner Doug Edwards, whose business typically handles a few larger animals, noted the trend.
“The racks this year were absolutely beautiful, but the weights just did not come in like usual this year,” Edwards said. “Nice deer, nice racks, but the weights were down, especially at the top end.”
The Independent will also analyze weights when all results are in.
The newspaper published results of the opening weekend of rifle season on Nov. 21. The following hunters were successful during the final two weeks of rifle season. They are listed by name, town of kill, pounds (dressed) and points.
Bruce Barr, Ferrisburgh, 138-8; Brendin Roberts, Addison, 128-4; Daniel Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 178-4; Dan Bourgeois, Hinesburg, 115-3; Erik Henderson, Warren, 140-3; Izzy Mitchell, Cornwall, 157-7; William Brown, Ferrisburgh, 122-4; Charles Welch, Bridport, 127-4; and Logan Lecompte, Panton, 100-3.
Also, Michael Quesnel, Weybridge, 155-6; Patrick Graziano, Bridport, 10-4; James Gorton, Middlebury, 99-4; Kevin Sullivan, Panton, 120-3; Michael Preston, Bridport, 130-5; Mark Shimel, Bridport, 160-4; Christopher Payne, Bridport, 147-6; George Torrey, Ferrisburgh, 116-8; and Douglas Hutchinson, Addison, 131-7.
Darwin Cousino, Ripton, 112-5; Aaron Thomas, Lincoln, 123-6; Joseph Russell, Lincoln, 124-5; Chad Prescott, Lincoln, 166-6; Thomas Kilbourn, New Haven, 145-8; Brian Donnelly, Lincoln, 141-4; Jeffrey Palmer, Starksboro, 138-5; Bradley Palmer, Charlotte, 169-12; Brett Sargent, Lincoln, 128-5; Wade Acker, Starksboro, 147-6; Tyler Desautels, Lincoln, 139-8; Dan Adam, Lincoln, 126-4; Shaun O’Connor, Lincoln, 127-5; Matt Elder, Starksboro, 138-4; and Ronald Brown, Lincoln, 118-3.
Also, Michael Moriarty, Jamaica, 119-4; Chad Perlee, Lincoln, 128-4; John Jenney, Lincoln, 137-8; Daniel Nugent, Hinesburg, 131-7; Darcy Spear, Lincoln, 163-9; Jason Russell, Lincoln, 86-3; Henry Ramsey, Lincoln, 155-3; Carroll Griggs, Lincoln, 117-5; Adam Crary, Ripton, 119-8; Ryan Smith, Bristol, 145-6; Scott Manning, Rochester, 95-4; Erik Mayer, Starksboro, 128-5; Gary Barclay, Lincoln, 133-9; Alan Schmidt, Starksboro, 110-5; and Aaron Morris, Lincoln, 154-4.
Gary Briggs, New Haven, 103-3; Robert Jennings, Richmond, 153-4; Daniel Briggs, New Haven, 170-5; Pernell Bedell, Monkton, 187-5; Robert Robidoux, Bristol, 103-4; Kevin Masse, Bristol, 124-6; David Lathrop, Bristol, 121-4; and Peter Thibodeau, Middlebury, 136-8.
Ashley Brace, Starksboro, 124-5; Cory Tatro, Huntington, 113-5; Eugene Martin, Starksboro, 150-5; Craig Shepard, Huntington, 137-4; Bradley Boss, Starksboro, 123-4; Nathaniel Weaver, Huntington, 121-4; Jason Booska, Starksboro, 137-4; Eric Jennings, Bristol, 151-7; Gary Heath, Ferrisburgh, 130-5; Evan Hazen, Huntington, 116-4; Kyle Forrest, Starksboro, 127-3; Kyle Bezanson, Lincoln, 132-4; David Whitcomb, Bristol, 106-8; and Roy Caletta, Sugarbush, 154-3.
Samantha Coleman, New Haven, 148-7; Larry Marcelle, Moretown, 118-4; Danny Grace, Bristol, 130-6; Justin Raymond, Huntington, 133-5; Ronald Raymond, Huntington, 115-3; Ross Robair, Hanksville, 152-4; Brian Thibault, Hanksville, 145-4; Matthew Brace, Huntington, 120-6; Ryan Breen, Bristol, 138-7; Stanley Bigelow, New Haven, 125-7; and Brian Hamell, Monkton, 129-4.
Casey Babcock, Orwell, 142-4; Mark Ringey, Cornwall, 156-5; Matthew Brush, Ripton, 118-4; Robert Whittemore, Ripton, 117-6; Steve Shores, New Haven, 145-7; Bruce Jerome, Leicester, 116-4; Casey Butler, Middlebury, 160-5; and Brian Webb, Ripton, 155-4.
Also, John Whitney Jr., New Haven, 150-4; Harold Gosselin, Shoreham, 126-6; Fred Waite, Granville, 132-3; Fred Waite Jr., Granville, 193-7; Todd Dietrich, Cornwall, 122-5; Guy Cousino, Middlebury, 139-4; Paul Cowan, Ferrisburgh, 172-6; Donald Keeler, Middlebury, 140-6; Travis Lafountain, Salisbury, 140-4; and Peter Dayton, Ripton, 148-6.
Also, David Hall, Starksboro, 165-10; Sutton Doria, Ripton, 200-6; Howard Kelton, Ripton, 130-4; Lester Little Jr., Ferrisburgh, 168-10; Edward Malzac, Middlebury, 183-8; Richard Malzac, Middlebury, 128-4; Dwight Dunning, Ripton, 147-7; Richard Yandow, Goshen, 179-8; Lyle Webb, Ripton, 133-3; and Cynthia Frobel, Ripton, 122-4.
Also, Jonathan Launcher, Leicester, 141-4; William Orvis, Ripton, 143-4; Lloyd Davis, Shoreham, 165-7; Ryan Fraser, Bristol, 140-8; Peter Scott, New Haven, 165-4; Scott Burton, Middlebury, 165-5; Kelsey Lee, Granville, 148-8; John Bergevin, Brandon, 133-7; Ellis Grace Jr., Ripton, 146-5; Martin Landon, Weybridge, 149-5; and Ricky Putnam, Bridport, 148-6.
Also, Raymond Gale, Cornwall, 143-4; Phillip Williams, Cornwall, 125-6; Daniel Zentara, Granville, 185-9; Jill Ambrose, Middlebury, 167-3; Sandra Alexander, Cornwall, 162-8; Sam Smith, Middlebury, 128-3; Justin Maheu, Salisbury, 114-7; Nicholas Madison, Shoreham, 131-4; Martin Landon, Weybridge, 138-3; Dennis Smith, Middlebury, 144-5; and Paul Wildasin, Waltham, 208-10.
Bruce Perlee, Lincoln, 112-4; Peter Funk, Cornwall, 142-5; Jon Boise, New Haven, 137-3; Dean Gilmore, New Haven, 155-5; Brian Kayhart, New Haven, 159-7; Randall Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 148-6; Raymond Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 138-6; Brian Knox, Monkton, 152-8; Jason Briggs, Starksboro, 123-4; Bryan Ashley-Selleck, Weybridge, 140-5; and Maxwell Flynn, New Haven, 122-3.
Also, Zachary Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 154-6; Dennis White, Monkton, 147-6; Raymond Highter, Middlebury, 141-3; Casey Huizenga, Monkton, 177-9; Rick Munsell, Monkton, 145-7; James Jewell, New Haven, 120-7; Peter Fenn, Charlotte, 167-7; Anthony Duprey, Waltham, 171-7; Erin Dalley, New Haven, 149-4; and Joshua Hurlburt, Monkton, 150-10.
Also, David Hurlburt, Monkton, 138-7; Ryan Cornellier, Ferrisburgh, 115-4; Stephen Davis, New Haven, 132-3; Todd Hunter, Hinesburg, 152-6; Matthew Hunter, Hinesburg, 186-6; Andrea Wernhoff, Bristol, 156-6; Timothy Curtis, Monkton, 136-10; Jacob Dapsis, Bridport, 168-8; Eugene Aube, Monkton, 122-4; Roger Parker Jr., Monkton, 127-4; and Richard Eitelman Jr., Fairfield, 107-4.
Wayne Rainey, Salisbury, 116-5; Richard Miller, Middlebury, 109-4; Lisa Whitman, Ripton, 139-5; Kevin Brown, Lincoln, 147-4; and Hunter Warner, Middlebury, 128-5.
Donald Durkee, Orwell, 187-7; Alan Alger Jr., Orwell, 178-10; Devin Lowell, Orwell, 166-7; Benjamin Wallen, Shoreham, 145-8; Tom Williams, Brandon, 121-6; Walter Hadvab, Orwell, 116-4; Steve Brileya, Shoreham, 128-3; Ben Alger, Orwell, 142-7; Curt Parent, Benson, 135-3; Marc Brisson, Shoreham, 143-5; Michael Burns, Shoreham, 121-4; and Tyler Wilson, Orwell, 155-6.
Also, Steve Manning, Orwell, 104-4; John Noble, Benson, 135-6; Jonathan Hescock, Orwell, 118-3; Pamela Bedard, Cornwall, 141-6; Jon Audet, Orwell, 145-7; Steven Ouellette, Bridport, 160-8; Chris Groman, Addison, 128-7; John Williams, Cornwall, 142-6; Daryl Davis, Shoreham, 156-3; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 153-4; Casey Barry, Shoreham, 144-3; and Jeff Williams, Sudbury, 114-8.
Also, Bill Tenzer, Orwell, 140-6; Jim Reynolds, Brandon, 154-10; Eden Neary, Orwell, 130-4; John Kubin, Benson, 154-3; Fred Russell, Orwell, 171-3; Steve Myrick Jr., Bridport, 175-6; Annie Audet, Orwell, 137-9; Glen Haywood, Hubbardton, 112-4; Anthony Warren, Shoreham, 150-4; Dylan Lanpher, Shoreham, 149-6; Tim Williams, Whiting, 129-6; and Tim Maxfield, Hubbardton, 108-5.
Also, Ben Colby, Ripton, 148-8; Jim Booska, Orwell, 156-6; Kevin Stocker, Bridport, 144-5; James McCray, Orwell, 130-8; Eric Russell, Orwell, 157-5; Brock Quesnel, Shoreham, 145-6; Rob Ryan, Orwell, 167-6; Nicholas Austin-Neil, Salisbury, 124-5; John Hutchins, Brandon, 159-8; Tim Hotte, Bridport, 119-3; Darren Ouellette, Shoreham, 135-4; Joe Russell, Orwell, 137-5; Kyle Birchmore, Sudbury, 163-7; Andre Fletcher, Orwell, 135-4; Silas Myrick, Bridport, 140-5; and Tyler Barber, Orwell, 121-6.
Andy Kirkaldy may be reached at [email protected].

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