Middlebury Police Log: Police cite two for grand larceny from autos

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police arrested two 28-year-old New York residents on Sunday evening and charged them in connection with thefts from unlocked cars earlier that day.
Police charged Frederick H. Beck of West Chazy with grand larceny and lodged him at the Addison County Sheriff’s Department for lack of $35,000 bail. They cited Jennifer A. Desrocher of Plattsburgh for accessory to grand larceny.
Both had been staying at the Blue Spruce Motel. Police viewed surveillance video at the scene of one of the thefts and identified a green, two-door Toyota Tercel as a suspect vehicle. Police saw such a car when they responded to a complaint at the motel, and said its trunk was open.
In the trunk they saw a set of golf clubs — among the items that had been reported stolen were two sets of golf clubs valued at about $2,000 each.
Police said other items, including a GPS, a phone charger, an iPod, two pairs of jeans and two digital cameras were soon recovered either from the car or a motel room. In all, police received about a half-dozen complaints of car break-ins on Sunday.
In other action between Sept. 5 and 11, Middlebury police:
•  On Sept. 5 called the animal control officer about a dog found running loose near Greg’s Market.
•  On Sept. 5 received a complaint from a Burnham Drive resident about a neighbor’s dog on her property.
•  On Sept. 5 looked for an alleged drunken driver who was driving a John Graham Court resident’s car.
•  On Sept. 5 were told by a North Pleasant Street resident that her boyfriend was harassing her.
•  On Sept. 6 began investigating the death of Jenna Trudeau, 25, of Whiting, whose body was found in the restroom of a building on Middlebury College campus.
•  On Sept. 6 took a report of the alleged theft of pain pills from a woman at a college facility.
•  On Sept. 6 were told by a Middlebury Union High School official that students were harassing another student by phone while at home, and that the student could be a bullying victim at school.
•  On Sept. 6 joined a team pulling marijuana plants at a Salisbury location.
•  On Sept. 6 were told by a Porter Hospital employee her wallet had been stolen at work and her credit card had been used to ring up more than $300 of charges.
•  On Sept. 6 began investigating an alleged assault at the College Street teen center.
•  On Sept. 7 heard from a Mahady Court resident of an alleged violation of a restraining order.
•  On Sept. 7 were told by an MUHS official of a fight at the school.
•  On Sept. 7 checked a report of a child left unattended in a car parked at Hannaford supermarket.
•  On Sept. 7 dealt with a report of a motorist driving off from the Middlebury Short Stop without paying for $20 in gas.
•  On Sept. 7 took a report that a man allegedly received a threatening call from his son-in-law.
•  On Sept. 7 were told a man had lost his wallet while at Champlain Farms on Court Street.
•  On Sept. 8 handled a North Pleasant Street noise complaint.
•  On Sept. 8 heard from a mother that her daughter was receiving harassing messages on her cell phone.
•  On Sept. 8 were told by one student that another had gotten out of his car and chased him.
•  On Sept. 8 contacted the owner of a phone that a citizen found in the middle of the roundabout.
•  On Sept. 8 took a report of a hit-and-run accident in the Aubuchon Hardware parking lot.
•  On Sept. 8 checked a Jayne Court apartment for marijuana after a neighbor’s complaint, but found nothing.
•  On Sept. 9 issued diversion paperwork to two Middlebury College students after seeing one urinate in the town parking lot off Bakery Lane, and warned three other students living on Main Street not to supply alcohol to minors. Police also contacted college security personnel.
•  On Sept. 9 issued a verbal warning to a couple having sex in a car parked in the municipal lot of Bakery Lane.
•  On Sept. 9 responded to John Graham Court when a woman said she wanted a man removed from her apartment. He was gone on arrival, and police prepared a no-trespass order.
•  On Sept. 9 told a woman not to park her car in the middle of Happy Valley Road.
•  On Sept. 9 checked a report of a man entering a college dormitory.
•  On Sept. 9 looked into a possible violation of a relief-from-abuse order at a John Graham Court residence.
•  On Sept. 9 took a marijuana pipe from an MUHS student’s car.
•  On Sept. 9 checked a Jayne Court apartment for marijuana after a neighbor’s complaint, but found nothing.
•  On Sept. 9 unsuccessfully tried to find a tall, bald, shirtless man who had been refused service at Two Brothers Tavern and was reportedly trying to pick fights outside the bar.
•  On Sept. 9 took a drunken man to the McGee House in Rutland to sober up.
•  On Sept. 10 dealt with a barking-dogs complaint on Case Street.
•  On Sept. 10 were told by a Commodore Way resident that someone was throwing rocks at her home; police could not find anyone.
•  On Sept. 10 responded to a report of shoplifting at Hannaford.
•  On Sept. 10 dealt with a car accident in the Sears parking lot on Exchange Street.
•  On Sept. 10 collected drugs and paraphernalia from college security personnel.
•  On Sept. 11 issued diversion paperwork to a teen seen carrying an open container of beer on College Street.
•  On Sept. 11 responded to School House Hill Road to calm a distraught teen.
•  On Sept. 11 checked out two cars in Otter View Park after its closing hour.
•  On Sept. 11 calmed an agitated patient at the Porter Hospital emergency room. 

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