College’s quidditch tourney moves to NYC

MIDDLEBURY — This weekend, the fourth annual Intercollegiate Quidditch World Cup is slated to take place, not on Middlebury College’s grassy Battell Beach, but in the heart of New York City.
“We are all very excited for this weekend,” said Middlebury College senior and member of the undefeated Middlebury quidditch team Matt Engel. “I think everyone is a little disappointed that the tournament isn’t being held at Midd because we love playing in front of the Middlebury community. However, we also are thrilled that the game has grown popular enough to force us to change venues.”
The bludger-and-broom-ridden competition — based on the game in the Harry Potter novels — is expected to be bigger than ever with a total of 46 teams from across the country traveling to the city to compete. That more than doubles the number from last year’s cup.
“The second day this year is single-elimination, which is a little intimidating for us because we would hate to be knocked out due to one poor game,” Engel said.
While the Middlebury College team has dominated the World Cup in the past, team members are getting a little anxious what with big state schools beginning to form teams that are rumored to include Division-I football players.
“We’ve picked up a few star athletes this year and we’d like to believe that we’re unbeatable, but obviously anything can happen,” Engel said. “Ironically, the best thing that could happen for the sport would be us losing, because then it would mean that it is officially no longer Middlebury’s sport. But we’re still going to go out there and try to get a W for Midd.”
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