Letter to the editor: Power restored thanks to many

We live in Cornwall and, like many in Vermont, were out of power during the recent storm. 

Letter to the editor: Night lights a welcome sight

Driving home in the dark at 4:30 in the afternoon I treasure every scrap of light. Electric candles perched on windowsills, like the kernel of an idea dawning in the dark, flat glass.

Letter to the editor: Christmas is about more than gifts

Christmastime has become like the old wood in the 1800s farmhouse the new owner of which decides to paint it so that it can look different and be more up to date. It is still there, but it takes some effort to find it.

Letter to the editor: Middlebury Airport is bad investment

One might expect that after 30+ months and almost $350,000 of consulting fees, that the Middlebury State Airport Master Plan might prove to be a concise, data-backed and realistic business case for the continued existence of the State Airport for the next … (read more)

Letter to the editor: ‘Vermont Public’ moniker falls short on many levels

The new name, “Vermont Public” for the newly consolidated Vermont Public Radio and TV, is an affront to our literary sensibilities.

Letter to the editor: Court staff has been top notch

The Vermont Bar Association would like to recognize and honor the service and dedication of all court personnel in the Addison Unit during very challenging times in the Vermont state court system.

Letter to the editor: CEAC needs new priorities

The CEAC, a “nonprofit organization working to promote a healthy, local economy while achieving reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,” laments that in spite of its efforts, emissions are rising.

Letter to the editor: Wreath thief has no Christmas spirit

To the person/persons who stole a Christmas wreath form the Preble stone in the Middlebury Cemetery, I wish you peace.

Letter to the editor: Gender-neutral gifts important

Ms. Schmidt’s letter provoked some discussion at HOPE and staff have agreed that next year, our tags with gift suggestions will only be according to age categories. Genders won’t be listed.

Letter to the editor: O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Here’s the thing. There are many, many aspects to consider before obtaining a suitable tree.

Letter to the editor: Medicare offers cautionary tale

We need to pass Universal Healthcare ASAP!

Letter to the editor: Recent articles appreciated

This is a thank you. First to this newspaper for the reporting of the horrible treatment of a good, firm, woman — Connie LaRose.

Letter to the editor: Gift ideas buy into stereotypes

I am concerned that a lovely Christmas gifting idea, organized by Project HOPE and promoted by the National Bank of Middlebury, has a damaging though easily correctable serious flaw.

Letter to the editor: It’s time for the state to ban trapping

A majority of Vermonters oppose recreational and fur trapping — 68% disapprove of recreational trapping (only 26% approve) and 62% disapprove of fur trapping (only 31% approve).

Letter to the editor: Weather ‘split’ is mystifying

So many times we follow a storm track from west and south on storm tracking radar that seems centered on Bristol. But as the storm leaves Albany it splits, some north to Burlington and some south of Middlebury.