Letter to the editor: Give public say on school’s fate

Asking the entire district to vote on the fate of a single town’s elementary school feels like it will pit towns against one another.

Letter to the editor: Trust voters on school closures

We believe our organization shares a vision with the ACSD board to embrace a single educational community that is stronger together.

Letter to the editor: Renew federal law to help feed world’s hungry

In Vermont, one in 11 people face hunger. The situation is even worse for children, with one in eight Vermont children facing hunger.

Letter to the editor: There is a better way to post private property

Vermont should adopt the Purple Paint Law (PPL) to replace the annual posting of private property.

Letter to the editor: Merger provides a good path for difficult situation

Merging with Mount Abe offers a pathway to new conversations and new opportunities to address our stubbornly chronic condition.

Letter to the editor: For merger vote, it’s OK to question long-held beliefs

Three years ago, I joined the Community Engagement Committee of the MAUSD school board as a volunteer because I knew the big challenges we faced as a district and I was confident our five-town community would come together to find creative solutions to th … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Otter Creek Pub grateful for community’s support

We are writing to say thank you to the Middlebury community for its support of the Otter Creek Pub.

Letter to the editor: Some other things not seen in past 40 years

An editor recently commented on an unfortunate ad in the paper: “in 40 years in the news business, he had never seen a situation like this.”

Letter to the editor: Middlebury’s pickleball players need more courts

Middlebury’s population is aging, and just like kids, we need recreational opportunities.

Letter to the editor: Consider better ways to put nonprofits on ballots

While many are eager to return to “business as usual,” the pandemic taught us that some systems and processes can and should be reimagined.

Letter to the editor: Ballot warning on school merger is incomplete

The MAUSD Board and Merger Committee assert our Nov. 8 vote will be on the Articles of Agreement ONLY, not whether to combine schools or move students.

Letter to the editor: Gov. Scott failed to address rising health care costs

Healthcare costs are rising much faster than the cost of living. One-third of Vermonters are underinsured.

Letter to the editor: ‘Stop the merger’ group’s ads are ‘disengenous’

This hysteria is being created by a group in Starksboro that is hyper focused on the perceived closure of Robinson Elementary School and nothing else.

Letter to the editor: No guarantee of cost, learning benefits with merger

Placing merger decisions in the hands of a 13-member board across nine schools and eight towns is not in the best interest of students or taxpayers.

Letter to the editor: Broadband fiber-optic cables are ‘visual pollution’

In the name of progress we have repeated the errors of the past and again uglified our beautiful rural county with this regressive monstrosity of a cable network.