Letter to the editor: Conlon reflects on his time on the ACSD board

It was with mixed feelings that I resigned last week from the Addison Central School District board.

Letter to the editor: Teachers should get sabbatical

I was disappointed to read about Superintendent Burrow’s denial of Michelle Steele’s sabbatical request.

Letter to the editor: Being a vegan helps everyone

If every human was a vegan (eating no animal products) for just one day every week, it would make a positive change.

Letter to the editor: State’s pension plans in peril

As Legislators search for monies to fund their priorities this coming session, they may do well to re-examine the teachers and state employees pension plans. 

Letter to the editor: Articles were very informative

I appreciate the articles written by Dr. G. Fjeld and Mr. Richard Hopkins in a recent Addison Independent.

Letter to the editor: GMP crews get kudos for work

This is a letter of a very sincere thank you from all our family to the incredible efforts by the Green Mountain Power crews who worked tirelessly to restore power to Middlebury homes (and all other homes).

Letter to the editor: ‘Vermont Public’ name a misfire

I couldn’t agree more with Paul Stone’s letter about the new moniker for Vermont Public Radio & TV’s consolidation. It also struck me as rather odd, perhaps even silly.

Letter to the editor: Great Ice Storm of ’98 recalled

As Vermonters recover from two back-to-back, end-of-year, severe storms that hammered homeowners, businesses and farms, some may recall the Great Ice Storm of early January 1998.

Letter to the editor: First responders showed their value in prime time

Millions of people were watching Monday night football this week. They saw Damar Hamlin collapse and the medical staff rush in to start CPR within seconds. 

Letter to the editor: Thankful for our community

On behalf of the Middlebury Department for Children and Families (DCF) office, I’d like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to the following people and agencies for helping to support the children and families whom we serve this holiday season … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Kudos to GMP crews

I would like to recognize the tremendous effort put forth by the Green Mountain Power emergency crews, as well as the many plumbers and electricians who spent hours in the cold working to restore power and fix water and heating issues in the wake of our r … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Power restored thanks to many

We live in Cornwall and, like many in Vermont, were out of power during the recent storm. 

Letter to the editor: Night lights a welcome sight

Driving home in the dark at 4:30 in the afternoon I treasure every scrap of light. Electric candles perched on windowsills, like the kernel of an idea dawning in the dark, flat glass.

Letter to the editor: Christmas is about more than gifts

Christmastime has become like the old wood in the 1800s farmhouse the new owner of which decides to paint it so that it can look different and be more up to date. It is still there, but it takes some effort to find it.

Letter to the editor: Middlebury Airport is bad investment

One might expect that after 30+ months and almost $350,000 of consulting fees, that the Middlebury State Airport Master Plan might prove to be a concise, data-backed and realistic business case for the continued existence of the State Airport for the next … (read more)