Letter to the editor: The time has passed for yet another airport ‘task force’

Stop stirring the pot without acknowledging all the history.

Letter to the editor: Love of Lives is in Everyone’s DNA; Article 22

The passage of Article 22 would allow stopping a beating heart, thus ending a life of a human being, to become part of our Vermont Constitution.

Letter to the editor: Merger panel ignores input in favor of sales pitch

After attending the Merger Study Committee meeting on Sept. 20, we came away quite disturbed.

Letter to the editor: Many reasons to vote no on MAUSD-ANWSD merger

Merging would mean moving school governance even farther away from the students and their schools and communities.

Letter to the editor: Eagle Scout appreciates the community support

I would like to thank the Addy Indy for featuring the photo and caption of my completed Eagle project.

Letter to the editor: Ripton’s voice could be lost

At our Ripton School Board Meeting about our upcoming Sept 29 vote, many in our community came together to hear and ask questions about the current situation. While there is no easy solution, we were able to come together and feel heard. 

Letter to the editor: McGill would help affordability

We have a tremendous affordable and workforce housing shortage in Addison County and in Vermont.

Letter to the editor: Airport ‘status quo’ falls short

Kudos to Mr. Lynn for kickstarting a valuable debate in your editorial of September 1 “Middlebury Airport: How big is too big? Are there options?”

Letter to the editor: Welcomed Cultrara’s take on climate

I am very grateful to Ollie Cultrara for their perspective on climate.

Letter to the editor: Another angle to airport saga

Do we want to encourage more flying, especially if it is to benefit the few and often for pleasure?

Letter to the editor: Article missed hateful rhetoric

I found the article covering the City Council meeting of Sept .13 mischaracterized several major aspects of the meeting, starting with the headline “Most …back Chief.”

Letter to the editor: Vermont Yankee could have been part of the solution

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station, our state’s largest zero-carbon power source, was shut down in 2014 for no logical reason other than that it didn’t fit into the state’s “green” agenda which has made a pariah of peaceful atomic energy. 

Letter to the editor: McGill is a good choice for Addison-5 House seat

Jubilee is strongly dedicated to helping the less fortunate in our society through providing more affordable housing, working for racial and climate justice, promoting a livable wage for workers and helping Vermonters to recover from the economic devastat … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Ripton principal weighs in on upcoming referendum

We find ourselves nearing another important townwide vote on how to best educate our children given current education funding laws and state statutes.

Letter to the editor: Article 22 will not codify a woman’s right to abortion

Amending the Vermont Constitution to make “personal reproductive autonomy” a right for every individual — men, women, and children — undermines women’s access to safe, on-demand abortion, and undermines parents’ authority to direct their children in repro … (read more)