Letter to the editor: Hannaford board ignores public

I am writing to express concerns that the board of the Hannaford Career Center is creating obstacles to public comment, specifically at its two most recent meetings.

Letter to the editor: A message of unity in the New Year

Division. Really? Is it possible to divide the human family? I believe not, but it is impossible to deny the many attempts throughout history.

Letter to the editor: Students not safe in school

I’m terrified to go to school. That’s really nothing new — I’m from a generation raised on school shooter drills, told that a strap on a door would protect us and that if all else failed, our books could be shields.

Letter to the editor: Middlebury fireworks appreciated

It was so good to see all the folks who turned out for Friday night’s New Year’s Eve fireworks in Middlebury.

Letter to the editor: Town majority wants mask law

I join Dr. Jack Mayer and the others who spoke up at the board’s Dec. 28 meeting in urging the selectboard to reconsider a mask mandate for public spaces in its jurisdiction.

Letter to the editor: Vermont falls short in true renewable energy efforts

I am a Bristol Energy Committee member and here are my thoughts on Vermont’s energy policy.

Letter to the editor: Middlebury really knows how to do fireworks

Hats off to the town of Middlebury and the American Legion for the fireworks display at the Recreation Park on New Year’s Eve. It was beautiful, very well done, and well attended. Ron Holmes Middlebury

Letter to the editor: Unvaxxed should go to the back of the line

An elderly friend just had his hip replacement put off, as Burlington, Middlebury and Rutland hospitals had no bed for him. Of the patients who had the bed, almost all COVID patients were not fully vaccinated.

Letter to the editor: Time for Midd mask mandate

I was very disappointed that at their last two meetings the Middlebury selectboard declined to issue a mask mandate (instead of merely a recommendation) for indoor public spaces in Middlebury.

Letter to the editor: Teachers really are our heroes

All that is right with Bristol elementary school…

Letter to the editor: Many support Jewish students

Thank you for the bravery and strength to write to our community and let us know your perspective of what it is like to be a Jewish high school student.

Letter to the editor: Anti-semitism bodes ill for all

Thank you for your recent article drawing attention to the presence of antisemitism, racism and white supremacy in Addison County.

Letter to the editor: Anti-vax beliefs are not new

I am writing in response to Claire Corkins’ “Ways of Seeing” article and to Alden Harwood’s letter to the editor concerning vaccinations. I am of the polio generation, and I have known people who got it.

Letter to the editor: Let’s solve our educational problems together

Many of us have wondered why the Mt. Abraham Unified School District (MAUSD) would be considering closing elementary schools, and MAUSD would support consolidating middle and high schools with Addison Northwest (the Vergennes area) and becoming one large … (read more)

Letter to the editor: ACSD discussion needs context

I am writing to provide context to the quote attributed to me in the Dec. 16, 2021 article, “ACSD Board cool to Ripton rule changes,” and am doing so because I believe these are important details for the ACSD community to contemplate in this broad convers … (read more)