Letter to the editor: ‘Universal Meals’ plan could work in Vermont

There is a growing program in the U.S. that is guaranteeing both breakfast and lunch to all public school students: Universal Meals.

Letter to the editor: Zoning can help housing issues

Our unhoused neighbors are our neighbors. They deserve our attention, our action and our admiration, not our fear or disdain.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD board has to listen

My heart breaks for everyone in our district: students, staff, parents, administrators and board. How did we get here?

Letter to the editor: Pupil weighting recommendations in question

In December a group of eight legislators will present pupil weighting recommendations as instructed by the legislature.

Letter to the editor: Eagle field hockey title so much more than a game

Winning a state championship is a thrill of a lifetime. Repeating that feat is incredibly rare, but winning four in a row is nearly unheard of!

Letter to the editor: United Way offers thanks

On behalf of the 30 nonprofits that United Way of Addison County (UWAC) funds, I would like to thank the towns that have waived the petitioning process for organizational town funding requests.

Letter to the editor: Shorthanded shops need kindness and patience

Remember that the cashiers or waitstaff are most likely getting late breaks or having to forego them altogether.

Letter to the editor: Add solar arrays to parking lots, not farm fields

I appreciate Bill McKibben’s guest editorial about the need for many more solar panels in Vermont in response to our climate emergency. In light of this climate emergency I would like to see some refinement on where these arrays are built.

Letter to the editor: Civics ed would build community

In reply to the Oct. 21 letter to the editor that ran under the headline “The BLM flag is a divider” — I would like to see civics and community service emphasized in schools.

Letter to the editor: Climate council must listen to all

The Vermont Climate Council is currently drafting an Action Plan to guide our state in its transition to renewable energy — a daunting task that will impact everyone’s lives for many years to come.

Letter to the editor: Ripton chose to exercise rights

I was astounded by Oliver Olsen’s comments in the Addison Independent article last week referring to Ripton’s withdrawal from ACSD.

Letter to the editor: Memory Tree needs backers

It’s time to pass the torch. For 30 years, a small group of ladies and gents have seen to getting lights up on the Memory Tree and lighting it.

Letter to the editor: Consolidation is an issue at MUMS

I recently retired (June of 2020) from MUMS after 31 years as the school’s guidance counselor and am very saddened by the recent article in the Addison Independent as well as the presentation that Fawnda Buttolph made to the ACSD board.

Letter to the editor: Democratic agenda in Washington essential

For many who don’t pay attention or aren’t interested in what’s going on in Washington, the Democratic agenda trying to further some transformational, very-much-needed and overdue legislation is important.

Letter to the editor: Parents of 9-11 victims working for a better future

Every evening, I light a candle that is standing in a protected lantern. I place the lantern on our front porch. I offer this light to send healing, soothing thoughts to all those in mourning.