Jessie Raymond: Home haircuts have their hazards

The way I remember it, I did not choose to be my husband’s barber. I am, as I made clear on Saturday, in no way qualified for the job.

Jessie Raymond: eBay owes me an apology

Let me preface it by saying that I am fully aware that I’m aging.

Jessie Raymond: Radiator purchase leaves me cold

This past spring, I fell victim to a diabolical scheme. All because our kitchen table now sits near a glass door, far from our woodstove.

Jessie Raymond: Bright lights ruining restful nights

I thought for the holidays I’d get us a 30-foot strand of solar-powered lights — the kind with golf-ball-sized clear bulbs set a foot apart, like you might see strung across barn rafters at a country wedding reception or illuminating a Christmas tree lot … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Some of us prefer to be cooler

According to social media, we have just wrapped up “Hot Girl Summer.” I am not a hot girl and consider summer the season of sweating and bugs, so I skipped the trend.

Jessie Raymond: Getting in synch with a new sink

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, when it comes to style I’m no wild mustang. I’m more of a sheep, tagging along at the back of the flock.For our recent kitchen renovation, therefore, it’s no surprise that I went safe and traditional: Shaker cupboar … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Left alone, the garden thrives

Around the second week of June, Mark said, “Stop whining. If you don’t have time for a vegetable garden this year, just skip it.”The absolute nerve.It’s not a choice. My garden has become part of my identity. I struggle. I complain. I get stressed. But I … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Less is more… annoying

I recently came across an unusual YouTube video on decluttering, a task I enjoy vicariously, if not in real life. A cheerful woman with a spotless, almost empty kitchen opened the cupboards to show that each family member had only two cups, two plates, an … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Nice canoe trip down memory lane

Twenty-nine years ago, on one of our first dates, Mark took me canoeing. This was before we discovered our favorite pastime as a couple: staying home. We were always off doing things back then, but only because we didn’t know better.Blinded by infatuation … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: A ‘great kitchen reckoning’ awaits

“So, did Mark get your kitchen done?”People say this to me all the time. They love to goad me into a rant about how it took him four years to finish the pantry (as if I wouldn’t bring it up unprompted within five minutes anyway).Mark started the kitchen m … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Hosting is a challenge post-COVID

Last weekend we did something we haven’t done in well over a year: We had friends over for dinner.I am so out of practice.Pre-COVID, we regularly had company. But in the intervening time I lost all memory of how to entertain anyone other than immediate fa … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Rusty bolt won’t trip up to-do list

In our marriage there’s a division of labor. Mark is good at things that require brute force and power tools. I’m good at cooking and telling him when he’s using words wrong.We complement each other.Now, I had last week off. Mark, being a contractor at a … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Some plants only seem harmless

I’m starting to think I’m too naïve to be a gardener. I tend to assume that whatever flowers I find growing are meant to be here, but it turns out there are plenty of nonnative plants that have moved to Vermont and now think they own the place.I thought I … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Summer and the fear of sleeping in

I am what some people would describe as a “morning person.” That’s a stretch. The phrase implies that I wake up early, spring out of bed and immediately begin singing, relishing another day on this beautiful planet while scrubbing the baseboards with a to … (read more)

Jessie Raymond: Sneak and you shall find (eggs)

Three weeks ago, on a rainy afternoon, you could have found me sneaking across our property, the picture of stealth. Like a phantom, I flitted from tree to truck to barn, swift but silent, waiting and watching. (I probably didn’t need to wear a cape, but … (read more)


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