Jessie Raymond: Discovering the fun of fishing

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as spending a spring evening fishing. At least that’s what Mark says. But then, he practically grew up with a fishing pole over his shoulder. I grew up with a book bag over mine.

Jessie Raymond: Name that bird, audio edition

Statistics show that 73% of older adults develop a weird fascination with birds.

Jessie Raymond: It pays to choose colors carefully

When I’m in the mood for a home renovation project but we lack the money or time to start one, I turn to the second-best option: painting a room.

Letter to the editor: Columnist gave reader a good laugh

Who needs humorist Dave Barry when we have our own funnier Jessie Raymond? Every column she writes nails our life in these times.

Jessie Raymond: Rising prices are hard to bear

Inflation is crazy right now. As expected, it’s hitting groceries and gas. I had no idea, however, that the cost of bears would go up so much.

Jessie Raymond: What’s so funny? Good question!

These are the times that try humor columnists’ souls.

Jessie Raymond: Housecat is head of household

When it comes to humans and cats, we all know who’s in charge. In our house it’s our gray shorthair, Lily.

Jessie Raymond: What a tangled web I’m weaving

I’ve recently returned to my newest and, at the moment, least favorite hobby: weaving.

Jessie Raymond: Too-tight coat gives cold comfort

The tight fit limits my mobility; even the most basic movements, such as reaching across my chest to put on my seatbelt, become full-body workouts. I once hit my target heart rate just trying to close the back hatch on the car.

Jessie Raymond: Novice treasure hunter strikes pay dirt

This Christmas, Mark got me the world’s greatest gift: a metal detector.

Jessie Raymond: No shame in starting Christmas early

It was Saturday, Nov. 27. I asked Mark to take a circuitous route, so people wouldn’t suspect where we were going. He declined, instead driving straight to the Christmas tree farm.

Jessie Raymond: Quick photos require long exposure

All I needed were a couple of snapshots of me wearing the pullover I had just finished knitting.

Jessie Raymond: Home haircuts have their hazards

The way I remember it, I did not choose to be my husband’s barber. I am, as I made clear on Saturday, in no way qualified for the job.

Jessie Raymond: eBay owes me an apology

Let me preface it by saying that I am fully aware that I’m aging.

Jessie Raymond: Radiator purchase leaves me cold

This past spring, I fell victim to a diabolical scheme. All because our kitchen table now sits near a glass door, far from our woodstove.