Knowing your local elected representatives; sharing high school sports victories, hearing about that upcoming performance, or being exposed to an opinion you might not have otherwise considered — these are some of the many ways quality local journalism can (and do!) enhance the sense of community and bring people together.

Because we believe in widely accessible local news, The Addison Independent has, for the past 76 years, set its annual Subscription at a very low rate (starting at $45 for seniors and $50 for all others.) At less than $1 per week, that’s less than the price of one cup of coffee! As you might imagine, that price hardly covers even the cost of printing the newspaper and distributing it to our readers.

More importantly, it does not cover the cost of producing the newspaper. That is, it doesn’t pay our staff of 21 to report and process the news, the graphic work to layout the pages, the advertising staff to serve area merchants; nor the front office staff to connect all the calls and run the business necessary to keep the Addison Independent operating. Advertising sales used to cover those costs, but they no longer do.

To that end, The Addison Independent must shift its revenue structure to a three-legged stool: advertising, subscriptions and donations. Importantly we need to get more funds from readers — both print and digital. However, we don’t want to price anyone out of being able to buy a subscription. So if $50 is all you can afford each year, please subscribe and support us through that contribution. Your readership, your engagement in submissions and commentary, and being an informed citizen is payment enough.

For those who can afford to increase your subscriber contribution, we would greatly appreciate your support. Whatever you can do, know that it not only strengthens each of our communities when we are informed citizens, but it also strengthens our democracy.