Editorial: Thanksgiving

In a world beset by seemingly inescapable human woes and suffering, how do we grasp those nuggets of thanks that keep us unbroken and make the morning shine?

Guest editorial: All the news that isn’t fit to print; a destructive digital revolution

We here in the United States have taken the quality of journalism in this country for granted for far too long.

Ways of seeing: Hand symbol can help the abused

With domestic violence surging globally during the pandemic, and countless people trapped at home with their abusers, advocates needed a simple way for someone in distress to signal a silent SOS.

Jessie Raymond: Home haircuts have their hazards

The way I remember it, I did not choose to be my husband’s barber. I am, as I made clear on Saturday, in no way qualified for the job.

Letter to the editor: ‘Universal Meals’ plan could work in Vermont

There is a growing program in the U.S. that is guaranteeing both breakfast and lunch to all public school students: Universal Meals.

Letter to the editor: Zoning can help housing issues

Our unhoused neighbors are our neighbors. They deserve our attention, our action and our admiration, not our fear or disdain.

Letter to the editor: MAUSD board has to listen

My heart breaks for everyone in our district: students, staff, parents, administrators and board. How did we get here?

Editorial: Leahy leaves a legacy ‘impossible to match’

The tributes started flowing moments after Sen. Patrick Leahy’s historic announcement Monday that he would retire after his current term ends in 2022.

Ways of seeing: Making connections on the road

The other night I was listening to the radio while washing dinner dishes. The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville was in the news again.

Eric Davis: Sizing up the races for governor

Voters in all six New England states, as well as New York state, will elect governors in 2022.

Letter to the editor: Pupil weighting recommendations in question

In December a group of eight legislators will present pupil weighting recommendations as instructed by the legislature.

Letter to the editor: Eagle field hockey title so much more than a game

Winning a state championship is a thrill of a lifetime. Repeating that feat is incredibly rare, but winning four in a row is nearly unheard of!

Letter to the editor: United Way offers thanks

On behalf of the 30 nonprofits that United Way of Addison County (UWAC) funds, I would like to thank the towns that have waived the petitioning process for organizational town funding requests.

Letter to the editor: Shorthanded shops need kindness and patience

Remember that the cashiers or waitstaff are most likely getting late breaks or having to forego them altogether.

Faith Gong: Reflections on a starling murmuration

How and why were so many individual birds moving as one? I didn’t recall seeing these starling swarms in past autumns: Was this something new, or something I’d failed to notice until now?