Letter to the editor: Why Lincoln wants to withdraw from MAUSD

State Rep. in favor of Lincoln leaving the Mount Abraham school district.

Editorial: Governor’s budget: It’s easy to just say ‘yes’

Like last year, another year of record federal aid, the governor didn’t have to fret about which programs to trim, but rather which programs got extra funding and which taxes got reduced.

Ways of seeing: Rockwell’s ‘Freedoms’ are still vital

Recently, I found myself recalling some paintings I had seen as a child: Norman Rockwell’s “The Four Freedoms.”

Jessie Raymond: Too-tight coat gives cold comfort

The tight fit limits my mobility; even the most basic movements, such as reaching across my chest to put on my seatbelt, become full-body workouts. I once hit my target heart rate just trying to close the back hatch on the car.

Victor Nuovo: Like everyone, I ask, “What does it all mean?”

What is the meaning of life? I will consider answers to this question in a new series of essays.

Editorial: How to help nurses and doctors

Hang in there, fellow Vermonters. We know we’re in the midst of a COVID surge sparked by the omicron variant that saw a record 116 patients in Vermont hospitals on Tuesday, topping the record of 115 patients set on Sunday.

Letter to the editor: Nurses, teachers must be thanked

Every day each superintendent, principal, administrator and school board member should make a point of thanking their teachers and school nurses.

Letter to the editor: It’s time for the new Bottle Bill

It’s time for manufacturers and consumers to be held accountable for the waste generated by single serve drinks.

Letter to the editor: Vaccines are made by people

I don’t know why the polio vaccines ended up being named after individuals, whereas others have not. Perhaps if the COVID vaccine were named after someone, it would seem more acceptable, rather than being produced by “Big Pharma.”

Letter to the editor: Merger panel snubs key issue

Watching the MAUSD/ANWSD Merger Study Committee (MSC) right now is like watching people evacuate a ship into rickety lifeboats without confirming that the ship is indeed sinking.

Guest editorial: Health care alarm bells should be ringing

As an emergency doctor and a longtime observer of how policy decisions play out on the front line, I can say that the despair rings absolutely true, and should ring alarm bells at the highest levels. 

Ways of seeing: Titans of the arts taught curiosity

Like so many ancient trees in a sacred grove, the titans who have shaped my own history have fallen one by one in a mere matter of weeks: bell hooks, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, E.O. Wilson, Joan Didion, Sarah Weddington, Stephen Sondheim, Betty White and, j … (read more)

Eric Davis: Scott talks new issues, but not all

There are several important issues that Scott did not address in his speech. Other than acknowledging, and saying he respected, the Legislature’s decision to meet remotely for the first two weeks of the session, and stressing the importance of in-person l … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Hannaford board ignores public

I am writing to express concerns that the board of the Hannaford Career Center is creating obstacles to public comment, specifically at its two most recent meetings.

Letter to the editor: A message of unity in the New Year

Division. Really? Is it possible to divide the human family? I believe not, but it is impossible to deny the many attempts throughout history.