Editorial: A primary night overview

Vermont Progressives took center stage in Vermont following Tuesday’s primary with left-leaning candidates capturing seats for U.S. Congress, Lt. Governor, the state’s Attorney General and several down-ticket offices.

Community forum: Affordable housing ideas

Despite recent efforts, in our state and nationally, to reduce the housing affordability crunch, it is quite likely we will be in the same discouraging housing situation 20 years from now as we are today unless we make substantial changes to the way we do … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Climate initiatives need dedication

So much of this situation rides on money, apathy, and our resistance to change.

Letter to the editor: Time to weigh in on surging insurance premiums

Will you be able to afford double-digit rate increases of your health insurance in 2023? If not, please write to Governor Scott and your legislators!

Letter to the editor: Editorial wrong on PAC money

We strongly object to Angelo Lynn’s August 4 editorial, which alleges that outside PAC money (from LGBTQ interests) is tipping the Democratic Party Congressional primary for Becca Balint.

Letter to the editor: The perils of grocery shopping test one’s mettle

I read somewhere or perhaps someone shared this thought with me: “Shopping, for a man, is equivalent to a combat situation under hot fire!” This is why I should never go shopping.

Letter to the editor: DMV makes driver’s license renewals more difficult

No longer can you go to a Real Person who can answer questions and help fill out the forms, like at the Courthouse in Middlebury. Now it is to be done by the taxpayer, at home, and on a computer.

Letter to the editor: Thanks to all those who keep roadsides mowed

I want to thank all the property owners who mow all the way to the road and especially to those who go around the corner and mow along the road.

Letter to the editor: Train service worth the effort

Just picked up my loving, soon to be 80-year-old mother-in-law at our Middlebury train station. COVID-19 kept her apart from my wife too long, and in the prior years we drove to Albany, N.Y. or Rutland, Vt. in whatever weather conditions.

Letter to the editor: Reproductive rights Article 22 attacks the family

You, under Vermont state law, have the right up to nine months to abort a full-term baby. Why change our constitution? There is no reason.

Letter to the editor: Further PAC money musings

Perhaps the biggest problem caused by unlimited money is the fact that large corporate donors will probably expect something from candidates they support.

Letter to the editor: Middlebury airport plans are not based on reality

I’m writing to express my concerns regarding the Master Plan currently under development for the Middlebury State airport.

Letter: Conlon has shown he deserves our vote

You learn a lot about a guy when you play hockey with him for 20 years. Here’s what I’ve learned about my friend Peter Conlon. He’s a steady defender, he scores when the opportunity’s there, and he’s a locker-room leader, managing our Friday Night Hockey … (read more)

Editorial: As PAC money tips a race, is election reform needed?

During the past couple of months, Vermonters have endured a tsunami of political ads jamming mailboxes with single-sheet pamphlets, flooding airwaves on TV and commercial radio, and popping up on social media ad nauseam. 

Jessie Raymond: Non-gardener has a change of heart

Summer’s not over yet, but I’ve conducted a preliminary assessment of my 2022 No-Garden Plan, and here are my findings: I’m an idiot.