Vergennes Police Log for Mar. 16

VERGENNES — Private security cameras recently caught two citizens misbehaving in Vergennes, and in one case Vergennes police were able to take action based on the footage. 

On Saturday, March 11, police received a report that an Evergreen Preschool camera had caught a man trying unsuccessfully to enter the building at about 4 a.m. that morning through the locked front door. Police were able to use the video to ID the individual and issued him a no-trespass order on behalf of the school.

On the next day the owner of the New Haven Road Laundromat reported that video footage showed a “stocky older man” enter the premises and write on the machines, apparently with some sort of marker, and then leave in a vehicle with a red dealer plate on the front and a Vermont plate on the rear. Police have been unable to identify the individual, but said the Laundromat owner was able to clean the equipment successfully. 

In other action between March 6 and 12, Vergennes police conducted seven patrols by cruiser and two on foot, six traffic stops, and three VIN inspections; fingerprinted six job applicants; placed two warnings on cars parked in violation of the city’s wintertime overnight parking ban; and also: 

On March 6:

• Heard from a West Main Street resident that he had caught a man trying to break into his car. The caller said he yelled at the man, who then fled the scene, and police could not find him. 

• Went to the elderly housing project on Armory Lane to help a woman who complained she was hearing voices through her hearing aids. Police spoke with a counselor and family members about the situation.

On March 7 calmed an out-of-control boy at a city home and helped the family work with the Counseling Service of Addison County to develop a plan to move forward. Police said they also notified the Department for Children and Families.

On March 8 spoke with a caller who claimed to be threatened by another family member about an estate sale. Police advised the out-of-jurisdiction caller how to block the phone number and obtain a temporary restraining order, and to direct further calls to the Vermont State Police.

On March 9 heard a complaint from a First Street resident that neighbors were operating a remote-controlled toy car on the street and failing to clean up after a dog. Police advised the caller to contact the mobile home park management with the concerns.

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