Lincoln news for Dec. 24

LINCOLN — Over 100 people joined a special Lincoln selectboard virtual meeting on Friday, Dec. 18, to voice their concerns regarding the MAUSD proposal set forth by Superintendent Patrick Reen in which he outlines as part of the plan, “repurposing” Lincoln Community School (LCS), essentially closing it as we know it.
LCS is more than just a building where our kids go to school. It’s a place where you feel loved, respected, where you feel like you belong and are welcomed. It’s a place where memories are made. It’s a place where little minds are nurtured. It’s a place where kids feel safe. It’s a place where kids are taught respect. Respect for yourself, others, all things, and learning. It’s a place where kids learn the art of public speaking. Getting up in front of the whole school and community members at a Friday morning assembly to read something that you wrote. It’s a place where learning is fun and creative and innovative. Where kids can come up with the ideas or agenda or lesson.
It’s a place where 5th- and 6th-grade plays happen, where veterans are celebrated, where lifelong friends are made. It’s a place where parents can drop their kids off and have peace of mind knowing that they are safe and in the best hands, that they are learning and growing. It’s a place where kindness matters, a place where art, music and health are as essential as reading and writing.
LCS is all these things and more. But at the heart of LCS are the teachers and staff. The ones who help shape our children’s minds, who help them become the people that they are today. The ones who help guide them through their schooling years teaching them not only math, science and English, but life skills like kindness, respectfulness, being courteous, being flexible, waiting your turn, speaking out and standing up for something you believe in. They know our children. They know their needs and wants. They listen. They care. They help. They teach. They love. They take the time to get to know each of their students, to really know them so that they can help them succeed, to set them up with not only the knowledge to continue on at middle/high school, but the skills necessary to go forth in this world.
LCS is a top-notch school with amazing, caring and creative teachers/staff and right now our community is in jeopardy of losing this treasure. Please let your voice be heard. Write and/or email the MAUSD school board members, the superintendent, our local and state officials. If you’d like to help, but aren’t sure how, please email me and I’ll try to connect you to the proper people. Please help spread the word. Now is the time.
Until next time … Happy Holidays! Stay Safe. Be Well.

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