Lincoln news for Dec. 26

LINCOLN — Here is some news from Sally Ober, Lincoln Town Clerk:
Hello Lincoln Voters! Now is the time to start circulating petitions if you are thinking of running on the ballot to serve as a local Town Official. Here is the list of what we will be voting on: Selectboard (2 years and 3 years), Town Clerk (1 year), Town Treasurer (1 year), First Constable (1 year), Second Constable (1 year), Collector of Delinquent Taxes (1 year), Town Meeting Moderator (1 year), Agent to Prosecute and Defend Suits (1 year), Grand Juror (1 year), Agent to Deed Real Estate (1 year), Lister (3 years), MAUSD School Board (3 years), Lincoln Library Trustees (two 3 year positions).
If you have been thinking of serving in one of these positions, it is always nice for voters to have choices on the ballot. If you think someone would be a good candidate, encourage them to run. To get your name printed on the ballot, all you have to do is obtain 11 signatures of Lincoln registered voters on a petition, and hand it in to the town clerk’s office by Monday, Jan. 27.
Candidates are also required to complete a consent form, allowing us to publish your name on the ballot. Blank petitions and consent forms can be found on the town website Hard copies of petitions and consent forms can also be picked up at the town office, or they can be emailed to you. Even though the petition deadline is Jan. 27, our Town Report deadlines are much earlier, and it is really helpful if you can get these turned in sooner so we can publish our list of candidates.
If you have any questions about running for office, feel free to email Sally at, call 453-2980 or contact the VT Secretary of State’s Office.
The library will be closed Tuesday, Dec. 31, and Wednesday, Jan. 1, for New Year’s.
Until next time … Life Is Short, Make Every Day An Adventure. Do Good And Good Will Come To You. Choose Kindness.

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