Letter to the editor: We already know the answer to climate change

Having visited Notre Dame cathedral many years ago and marveled at it’s phenomenal Gothic architecture and other attributes, I was certainly shocked and saddened by the intensity of the inferno. However, I flashed back to a remark made to me about the irony of all the misery occurring in the general public at the time of construction while such vast riches were being spent by the Roman Catholic Church on such edifices all over Europe.
While the intensity of the misery being suffered then is far greater than it is presently, we have a much greater, rapidly increasing, challenge. Runaway climate change is decimating the wellbeing of indigenous people all over the world, causing them to flee their long inhabited homelands for hopefully greener pastures.
Our natural environment has beauty and magnificence far greater and of more importance than all the edifices of the world. With all the wealth being pledged to restore the damaged cathedral in as short a time as possible, why isn’t an amount proportional to the emergency of halting the mass extinction now being pledged? Furthermore, why is there not the recognition that we are witnessing the beginning of a mass extinction of humans, beginning with the long-abused poorest people on this beautiful planet? Could it be that sometime in the not-too-distant future no one will be here to marvel at the Notre Dame?
The methods being touted for correcting the situation, by those sounding the alarm, tend to fall in the category of ridge top wind and solar farms. Photovoltaic manufacture and attendant battery storage have serious environmental impact. Big wind kills great numbers of bats and birds, which get sucked into the vacuum created by the blades, where the low pressure causes their lung capillaries to burst. Sound pulses, not audible to humans, impact wildlife — particularly their migration. They also impact the health of humans living within a mile or so from the towers, causing them to flee their homes. It was pointed out by our most brilliant candidate for governor, Peter Galbraith, that if the money spent on the big wind boondoggle, were put into efficiency and conservation, it could yield up to fifty times the results.
The real solution has been around for millennia, as evidenced by the circuitry, capacitors and rheostats found in the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, both of which generated power. I fairly recently showed a miniature octahedral device with similar circuitry to a prominent proponent of alternatives, and explained that I could show him scientific proof that it was using ambient energy to produce the energy it put out. The reply I received was, “Are you trying to get me killed?”
Indeed, intimidation is keeping mainstream exposure of the real solution under wraps. Many years ago, Wilhelm Reich was harnessing what he termed “orgone energy”, primarily with simple capacitors. He died in jail as a reward for his efforts. The late, great Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, who learned of the uses of “zero point energy” in military hardware, such as the 1962 Minuteman Missile, had the courage to reveal what was called “top secret.” It cost him his health and, eventually, his life.
I will write more about this in the future, but for now, I encourage concerned people to investigate zero point energy and spread the word. It is our most benign and effective alternative. If it becomes common enough knowledge, it won’t be suppressed. The best time is right now. We could see a much brighter future.
Joe Gleason

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