Letter to the editor: Future of our nation is threatened

An interview a couple of nights ago — of a government security expert, who had America’s interest at heart and had worked in that field for 40 years and knew what he was talking about, perked my interest in his description of where our country stands in the worldview. He stated that we are part of a worldwide campaign by the Russians to hack the personal, government and business information to not only overthrow our democracy in time, but also to disrupt European societies as well.
This concerns me and causes me to worry about our country. Will hacking our modern technology affect our democracy? And society? It is and has been my opinion that America is the real Promised Land, so mentioned in our Bibles. America as our forefathers designed incorporates all of life’s important features that so many in our world haven’t yet achieved — Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Some are trying. But so many are unable to achieve these goals.
Our citizens are able to accomplish their dreams and plans for their lives without a totalitarian government getting in their way. We are free to move about — to work at what and where we wish. Our citizens nationally are just good people and one can see this is the reason our nation is known for goodness.
Our young people are brought up in good schools and given incentives to pick their futures and lives with the best colleges.
My greatest worry at this time is the situation in Washington and if it persists, the possible start of our country’s and our democracy’s downfall. It would seem that not only North Korea and Russia are laughing at us each time some sort of agreement is reached and boasted about on our news media. The whole world is questioning what is going on in the most powerful and good country in the world.
I am very disappointed in our current president. His juvenile-sounding outbreaks and so-called tweets don’t sound well thought out ahead of time or mature. I did not vote for him fearing what awaited us if he was elected. He seems more interested in himself than working for the people that elected him. His past is a bit shameful — anyone else might end up behind bars.
And it is possible that the many new congressmen and women might decide to work for our country rather than their party. There is so much to be done, so many problems that need their attention.
So let us all put in a request to our Creator to bless and care for the greatest nation in the world, one that all freedom lovers are scrambling to come to — they see as the Promised Land.
Edwin C. James

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