Muzzleloader hunt puts 2018 over the top

ADDISON COUNTY — The year 2017 saw a record of 1,189 deer weighed in Addison County for all seasons combined since 2005, when Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department officials banned shooting spikehorn bucks during November rifle season, thus knocking down the numbers taken in the most popular season.
The record didn’t last long. Hunters smashed it this year, and did so for the third straight season.
By the time the last few animals tipped the scales at the county’s seven wildlife reporting stations this December, those stations had handled 1,345 deer, 156 more than the 2017 record.
This year’s county total includes a productive October and early November bow season (274 deer), an above-average November youth weekend (110), a November rifle count of 571 that trails only 2016’s record, and a record number of 390 for December’s combined muzzleloader/bow season.
The 2017 total of 1,189 deer had broken the 2016 record (1,064) by 125 deer.
The year 2016 had been the best since 2010, when county weigh stations handled 1,021 deer.
In addition, according to the Independent’s analysis of weights of bucks taken during rifle season, average buck weights this year rose by almost seven pounds to 147.65 pounds.
Last year’s average buck weight came in at 140.9, less than typical. Normally buck weights according to our calculations have ranged from 144 to 146 pounds.
Also, typically the most populated weight range of bucks taken during rifle season is between 140 and 149 pounds. This year there were 83 bucks killed in that weight class, but 88 taken between 150 and 159 pounds.
There were also 12 bucks shot in rifle season weighing more than 200 pounds this November compared to six in 2017.
Clearly, milder winters are helping more deer survive — and thrive — and thus offering more targets to hunters, said Greg Boglioli, manager of Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury. He recalled finding mountain deer yards in the early 1990s with dead animals, a far cry from what the climate offers now — three consecutive mild winters.
“It wasn’t a hard winter,” Boglioli said. “With the winters not being as rugged as they used to be, it definitely gives the deer population a chance.”
After those three mild winters Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department officials this summer estimated the state’s deer population at 155,000. A few years ago officials routinely pegged the population at between 110,000 and 120,000.
Other factors figured into higher county totals this year. Two wildlife reporting stations in Chittenden County’s southeast corner shut down after last year. Some hunters who normally would have taken deer there had them weighed instead at Addison County’s northerly stations, Lincoln General Store, Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol, and Rack ’N Reel in New Haven.
“It was incredible. We checked in a lot of deer,” said Lincoln General Store owner Vaneasa Stearns.
Some believe local hunters took advantage of wildlife officials selling off antlerless deer tags, which were not all taken during the Fish & Wildlife Department’s annual lottery. Steve Ploof of East Middlebury’s C&S Hunting Supplies and Boglioli both offered that theory.
“We sold more antlerless tags through the store than I can remember,” Boglioli said.
The percentage of bucks taken statewide during archery and muzzleloader seasons in 2017 stood at 26 percent. A quick review of some of the local results this year show the percentage of bucks this year. For example, the archery/bow number was about 20 percent bucks at Rack ’N Reel, which checked in more deer than any other county station in 2018.
Finally, Robbie Bedell at Green Mountain Trails End and Boglioli both speculate that snowstorms in late November could have contributed to the record-high local take of 314 deer during December’s muzzleloader/bow season.
Although snow was not deep in the valley, in the mountains snow was two or three feet deep in many places, making it difficult for deer to travel and find food. They believe deer might have headed to lower, more heavily hunted ground due to those conditions on the ground.
“If it pushed deer off the mountain down into the flats,” Boglioli said, more would be in range of hunters who would also be reluctant to wade through the snow.
The overall county weigh-station totals between 2009 and 2015 have ranged from a low of 671 in 2011 to this year’s high of 1,345.
Due to space concerns — which in turn are largely due to the large muzzleloader total — successful hunters from the Oct. 6 to Nov. 2 archery will be published separately next week.
The following hunters had deer weighed at an Addison County wildlife reporting station after a successful hunt during the Dec. 1 through 9 muzzleloader and archery season, listed with the town of kill, the weight in pounds and number of antler points if a buck:
Connor Pouliot, Cornwall, 130-pound doe; Raymond Cousineau, Addison, 108 doe; Isaac Preston, Ferrisburgh, 126 doe; Timothy Davis, Addison, 65 female; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 141 doe; Charles Bradford, Addison, 138 doe; Dale Bushey, Addison, 50 male; William Charbonneau, Ferrisburgh, 100 doe; Michael Quesnel, Bridport, 130 doe; and Herbert Glidden, Bridport, 136 doe.
Also, Dawson McGrath, Cornwall, 59 male; Matthew Lawton, Salisbury, 140 doe; Eric Preston, Panton, 91 doe; Kevin Sullivan, Panton, 135 doe; Mitchell Gallison, Shoreham, 106 doe; Eugene Bradford, Ferrisburgh, 78 doe; Ethan Gevry, Addison, 113 doe; Steven Fifield, Bridport, 103 doe; Chris Bingham, Bridport, 114 doe; Richard Tracey, New Haven, 100-pound-4-point buck; Brendin Roberts, Shoreham, 102 doe; Richard Thurber, Panton, 115 doe; and Giovanna Price, Shoreham, 61 female.
Roy Catella Jr., Warren, 130 doe; Roy Catella, Waitsfield, 130 doe; Larry Ducharme, Huntington 169-5; Michael Lowell, Charlotte, 68 pounds; Keon LeClair, Charlotte, 77 female; Bridget Russin, Huntington, 90 doe; Gary Murray, Hinesburg, 110 doe; Jeff Mayo, Lincoln, 103-3; Allen Lavallette, Huntington, 132 doe; Clinton Alger, Huntington, 127 doe; Mark Cousino, Lincoln, 115 doe; Kirk Roscoe, Bristol, 128 doe; and Thomas Kilbourn, Ferrisburgh, 125 doe.
Also, Cody Cyr, New Haven, 106 doe; Luke Bergeron, St. George, 105 doe; Matthew Calcagni, Ripton, 126 doe; Wesley Butler, New Haven, 113 doe; Calvin Tierney, Lincoln, 120 doe; Craig Desautels, Lincoln, 117-6; Ty Combs, Lincoln, 100 doe; Jody Atkins, Bristol, 61 pounds; Kurt Naser, Bristol, 103 doe; Steven Spafford, Cornwall, 92 doe; William Person, Richmond, 110 doe; and Craig Desautels, Lincoln, 84 doe.
Also, Muhammed-Ghazi Smith, Middlebury, 68 pounds; Rodney Orvis, Starksboro, 133 doe; Richard Antone, Williston, 102 doe; David Degrechie, Hinesburg, 110 pounds; Brian Russin, Richmond, 50 pounds; Theodore Palmer, Huntington, 152-5; Roland Haskins, Huntington, 107 doe; Bradley Palmer, Charlotte, 180-6; Nelson O’Bryan, Lincoln, 118 doe; Shawn Paya, Charlotte, 127 doe; and Gary Barclay, Lincoln, 108 doe.
Also, Chad Murray, Hinesburg, 121 doe; Greg Harriman, Huntington, 105 doe; Tyler Ducharme, Huntington, 101 doe; Sarah Lathrop, Lincoln, 107 doe; and Todd Heyman, Huntington, 90 doe.
Nolan Warner, Middlebury, 69 female; Dalton Rheaume, Salisbury, 133-4 and 77 doe; Matthew McGuire, Middlebury, 78 doe; Patrick Larocque, Leicester, 130 doe; Gabriel Cameron, Salisbury, 118 doe; Greg Whitney, Cornwall, 81 doe; Wyatt Cameron, Salisbury, 97 doe; Edward Malzac, Middlebury, 116-5; Ralph Brown, Middlebury, 106 doe; George Whitcomb, New Haven, 100 doe; Michael Tatro, Salisbury, 131 doe; and Michael Forbes, Middlebury, 120 doe.
Roger Tremblay, Hinesburg, 95-3; Daniel Cram, Middlebury, 58 female; Nicholas Ouellette, Middlebury, 130 doe; Ronald Smith, Monkton, 70 female; Tyler Cousino, Weybridge, 55 male; Stephen Martell, Bristol, 156 doe; Gabriel Meader, Starksboro, 67 male; Travis Guillemette, Monkton, 153-8; Shawn Frost, Middlebury, 61 female; Benjamin Turner, Hinesburg, 63 male; and Adam Norris, Monkton, 112 doe.
Also, Lucius Cousino, New Haven, 60 male; Kyle Cousino, New Haven, 93 buck; Devin Belisle, Starksboro, 103 doe; Joseph Sawyer, New Haven, 121 doe; Patrick Hendee, Starksboro, 156-6; Gary Briggs, New Haven, 118 doe; Connor Andrews, Warren, 130-3; Bruce Delorme, Starksboro, 124 doe; Thadeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 131-4; Travis Manning, New Haven, 67 female; and Leon Demers, New Haven, 127 doe.
Also, Ambrose Cousino, New Haven, 127 doe; Amber Sorrell, Charlotte, 118-6; Michael Jerome, New Haven, 112 doe; Jacob Rochon, Cornwall, 77 male; Victor Fifield, Cornwall, 144-4; Joey Mashia, Richmond, 114 doe; Colby Trudeau, New Haven, 149-4; Rachael Bedell, Bristol, 118 doe; Aaron Clark, New Haven, 80 female; Kirk Roscoe, Bristol, 102 doe; Stephen Tucker, Lincoln, 55 female; and Casey Huizenga, Monkton, 129-4.
Also, James Martell, New Haven, 106 doe; Britney Ramsey, New Haven, 72 male; Scott Heath, Starksboro, 60 male; Paul Morse, Starksboro, 145-7; Adam Thompson, Starksboro, 164-10; Kyle Bartlett, Bristol, 92 doe; Warren Chase, Monkton, 117 doe; Austin Lafayette, New Haven, 114 doe; Leon Demers, New Haven, 114 doe; Jon Jennings, New Haven, 113 doe; William Forbes, Middlebury, 87 doe; and Patrick Hendee, Lincoln, 109 doe.
Also, Bradley Zeno, Starksboro, 146-8; Kevin Haskins, Warren, 90 doe; Jody Conant, Bristol, 112 doe; Dylan Raymond, Starksboro, 104-2; Corey Shepard, Starksboro, 129 doe; Anthony Porter, Starksboro, 122 doe; Jody Bartlett, Bristol, 70 male; John Chamberlain, Lincoln, 123 doe; John Gillette, Monkton, 140 doe; Eric Jennings, Monkton 158-8; Craig Shepard, Starksboro, 126 doe; and Garrett Davis, Bristol, 101 doe.
Also, Jared Forand, Bristol, 73 female; Dylan Devoid, New Haven, 136 doe; Cory Steady, Bristol, 122 doe; Chad Phillips, Huntington, 97 doe; Rusty Conant, Richmond, 156-7; Kenneth Lafountain, Monkton, 159-8; Wyatt Gracie, New Haven, 96 doe; Patrick Irish, New Haven, 114 doe; Justin Henry, Huntington, 60 female; Daniel Briggs, New Haven, 105 doe; Brian Ramsey, Lincoln, 64 female; and Bradley Zeno, Starksboro, 73 female.
Also, Paul Jerome, Monkton, 118 doe; Lucius Cousino, New Haven, 56 male; David Cavoretto, Warren, 100 doe and 88 male; Robert Lafountaine, Panton, 121 doe; Tucker Davis, Bristol, 110 doe; Ryan Whitcomb, Starksboro, 144-7; Michael Freegard, Waltham, 121 doe; Charles Rockwell, Bristol, 129-5; Pernell Bedell, Starksboro, 97 doe; Lucas Sweeney, Starksboro, 111 doe; and Ethan White, Starksboro, 128-4.
Also, Jason Berry, Lincoln, 146 doe; Zachary Laurie, Bristol, 138-8; Andrew Rheaume, New Haven, 106 doe; Tyler Cousino, Weybridge, 90 doe; Matthew Bartlett, Shelburne, 110-3; Timothy Yandow, New Haven, 129 doe; Kevin Berry, New Haven, 88 doe; Eric Gracie, New Haven, 116 doe; Abraham Goyette, Bristol, 106 doe; Hailey Isham, Charlotte, 114 doe; and Richard Mason, Hinesburg, 104 doe.
Also, Colin Jennings, New Haven, 103 doe; Dustin Whitcomb, Bristol, 80 doe; Jody Conant, Hinesburg, 118 doe; Erin Dalley, Bristol, 104 doe; Gavin Conrad, Bristol, 92 doe; Donnie Mashia, Richmond, 142-6 and 140 doe; Dana Dattilio, Hinesburg, 147 doe; Lucas Sweeney, Starksboro, 87 doe; Ethan White, Starksboro, 110 doe; Matthew Norris, New Haven, 124 doe; and Jeffrey Hoag, Starksboro, 70 male.
Also, Shawn Lathrop, Starksboro, 127 doe; Andrew Bissonette, Monkton, 134 doe; Joshua Sherman, Bristol, 149 doe; Samuel Fox, Starksboro, 60 male; John Palin, Starksboro, 136-9; Louis Bennett, Hinesburg, 118 doe; Alice Johnson, Charlotte, 134 doe; Thadeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 104 doe; Kiley Sorrell, Charlotte, 123 doe; Paul Morse, Ripton, 110 doe; Brenden Hoag, Starksboro, 70 female; and Garrett Davis, Bristol, 122 doe.
Also, Anthony Rochon, Middlebury, 78 female. Carla Jimmo, Starksboro, 102 doe; Kyle Bedell, Starksboro, 58 female; David Yandow, New Haven, 121 doe; Donald Brown, Bristol, 109 doe; Kenneth Wiggin, Starksboro, 99 buck; Gary Hill, Benson, 107-4; Nathaniel Marsters, Bristol, 67 male; Owen Bromley, Starksboro, 98 doe; Daniel Boyer, Bristol, 115 doe; Matthew Myers, New Haven, 129-4; Pernell Bedell, Bristol, 100 doe; Richard Lathrop, Waltham, 125 doe; and Kevin Clark, Ripton, 126 doe.
Jeffrey Galipeau, Weybridge, 160-7; Lawrence Kaufmann, Shoreham, 154-7; Frank Raymond, Addison, 150-8; Todd Seguin, Weybridge, 142 doe; Shawn Gero, Cornwall, 140 doe; David Doria, Cornwall, 136 doe; Matthew Cram, Leicester, 135 doe; Devin Dwire, Salisbury, 135-6; Glen Peck, Ripton, 135-7; Amanda Pennell, Salisbury, 130 doe; Shawn Gero, Whiting, 130 doe; and Gary Forbes, Middlebury, 130-4.
Also, Burton Cole, Leicester, 128 doe; Matthew Sheldrick, Salisbury, 127-5; Cody Steele, Cornwall, 126 doe; Lemuel Palmer Shoreham, 125 doe; Michael Kimball, Middlebury, 125 doe; John Cyr, Bridport, 125 doe; Lee Terrier, Cornwall, 124-4; Karl Kaufmann, Addison, 123 doe; Stephen Aruzza, Middlebury, 123-4; Gabriel Mattison, Whiting, 123 doe; Ayden Trombley, Cornwall, 121-5; and Jeremy Nolette, Cornwall, 120 doe.
Also, Wendy Butler, New Haven, 120 doe; Randy Butler, New Haven, 120 doe; Robin Whitman, Ripton, 120-4; Scott Whitman, Ripton, 120 doe; Robert Cameron, Leicester, 120 doe; Ronald Devoid, Middlebury, 117 doe; Morgan Laroche, Salisbury, 116 doe; Michael Desjadon, Middlebury, 115-5; Ian Ploof, Middlebury, 115 doe; Todd Dietrich, Shoreham, 113 doe; and Taylor Patterson, Shoreham, 113 doe.
Also, Glenn Terk, Ripton, 112 doe; Peter Funk, Cornwall, 112-3; Gabriel Mattison, Whiting, 111 buck; Dennis Rheaume, Cornwall, 110 doe; Gabe Cameron, Salisbury, 110 doe; Benjamin Cram, Cornwall, 110 doe; Andrew Recupero, Weybridge, 110 doe; Robert James, Weybridge, 108 doe; Charles Sargent, Ripton, 108 doe; Jordan Poulin, Addison, 107 doe; Derek Raymond, Brandon, 107 doe; and Joseph Cyr, Weybridge, 107-4.
Also, Paul Scaramucci, Middlebury, 107-4; Fred Raymond, Addison, 107 doe; Stephen Dow, Middlebury, 106 doe; Brent Warren, Cornwall, 106 doe; Charles Sargent, Weybridge, 105 doe; Jonathan Pratt, Cornwall, 105 doe; Darcy Trudeau, Salisbury, 105 doe; Donald Pepe, Whiting, 104 doe; Andrew Recupero, Dorset, 104 doe; Leon Smith, Middlebury, 102 doe; Charles Torrey, Salisbury, 102 doe; and Wayne Rainey, Salisbury, 100 doe.
Also, Brian Blake, Salisbury, 100 doe; Tim Davis, Whiting, 96 doe; Raymond Gale, Salisbury, 94 doe; Henry Ramsey, New Haven, 90 doe; David Wemette, Middlebury, 90 doe; David Kenyon, Salisbury, 89 doe; Ira Schiffer, New Haven, 87 doe; David Burnor, Fairfield, 84 doe; Jonathan Pratt, Cornwall, 76 doe; Maurice Laroche, Salisbury, 75 doe; Timothy Whitney, Salisbury, 74 male; and Barry Whitney, Salisbury, 72 female.
Also, Daniel Whitney, Cornwall, 64 female; Josh Kennett, Salisbury, 60 female; Benjamin Rule, New Haven, 56 female; Jesse Otis, Weybridge, 55 female; Christopher Huestis, Waltham, 54 female; Christopher Crane, Hubbardton, 71 female; Dean Rheaume, Middlebury, 71 female; Adam Gorton, Middlebury, 71-3; Joshua Berno, Middlebury, 67 male; Steven Rheaume, Cornwall, 65 female; Nicholas Carrara, Middlebury, 65 female; Leslie Johnson, Orwell, 65 female; and Jeffrey Delphia, Cornwall, 64 female.
Jay Smits, Bridport, 182-8; Kevin Kayhart, Waltham, 181-10; Nathan Hansen, Leicester, 155-4; Bernard Isabelle, Rutland, 155-8; Gary Perkins, Hancock, 154-8; Nathan Lavoie, Ferrisburgh, 149-6; Kurt Degraaf, Ferrisburgh, 147 doe; Todd Badger, Monkton, 147-10; Shannon Martin, Starksboro, 145-4; Matthew Sweeney, New Haven, 143 doe; John Parker, Addison, 141-8; Timothy Flynn, Waltham, 139 doe; James Jewell, Ferrisburgh, 138 doe; Chauncy Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 138-5; Sean Kehoe, Hinesburg, 136 doe; and Craig Newton, Waltham, 135 doe.
Also, Joshua Parker, Shoreham, 132 doe; Paul Blair, Ripton, 131-6; Paul Deering, Bridport, 131 doe; Justin Borah, Ferrisburgh, 130 doe; James Giard, Shoreham, 128-4; Evan Lacaillade, Bolton, 128-4; Christopher Miller, Ferrrisburgh, 127 doe; Robert Therrien, Charlotte, 127 doe; Zachary Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 127 doe; Brandon Tierney, New haven, 127 doe; Christopher Gebo, Ferrisburgh, 126 doe; and Michael Crosby, Ferrisburgh, 125 doe.
Also, Jon Boise, Monkton, 125 doe; Bruce Cram, Ripton, 125 doe; Haylee Gillette, Monkton, 125 doe; Pierre Laroche, Salisbury, 125 doe; Patrick Needham, New Haven, 125 doe; Travis Paquette, Bristol, 125 doe; Kyle Clark, Ferrisburgh, 124 doe; Daniel Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 124 doe; Jacob Trombley, Ferrisburgh, 124 doe; Delbert James, New Haven, 122 doe; Frank Stanley, Monkton, 122 doe; and Kevin Bothwell, Shelburne, 122 doe.
Also, Darcy Spear, Lincoln, 122-4; Brent Jocelyn, Bristol, 121 doe; Scott Brace, Bridport, 121 doe; Peter Cousino, Huntington, 121 doe; James Jewell, New Haven, 120 doe; Roger Cota, Monkton, 120-6; Jay Rogers, Ferrisburgh, 120 doe; Nicholas Cook, Ferrisburgh, Ferrisburgh, 119 doe; John Stokes, Starksboro, 118 doe; Bruce Perlee, New Haven, 118 doe; Brian Larock, Hinesburg, 117 doe; and Wendy Butler, New Haven, 117 doe.
Also, Brian Novak, New Haven, 117 doe; Jeff Palmer, Starksboro, 117 doe; Craig Cheever, Bristol, 116 doe; Tyler Flynn, Waltham, 116 doe; William Smits, Bridport, 116 doe; Christian Day, New Haven, 115 doe; Jacob Trombley, Ferrisburgh, 115 doe; Jason Whittemore, Waltham, 114 doe; Lyman Gaudette, Charlotte, 114 doe; Stephen Gutowski, Ferrisburgh, 113 doe; and Stephen Davis, New Haven, 113 doe.
Also, Daniel Flynn, Addison, 113 doe; Alayne Lafountain, Starksboro, 113 doe; Nicholas Janson, Shoreham, 112 doe; Jeffery Brown, Monkton, 112 doe; Davin Torrey, Ferrisburgh, 112-5; Gary English, Cornwall, 112-3; Ben Paquin, Panton, 11 doe; Tracey Pecor, Huntington, 111 doe; Patrick Coyle, Ferrisburgh, 111 doe; Matthew Funk, Cornwall, 111 doe; Eric Bingham, Middlebury, 110 doe; and Jamie Smith, Cornwall, 110 doe.
Also, Raymond Shepard, Monkton, 110-5; Jeffrey Galipeau, Weybridge, 110 doe; John Dayton, Cornwall, 110 doe; Nathan James, New Haven, 109 doe; Ashley Trudeau, Bristol, 109 male; Dustin Wright, Ferrisburgh, 107 doe; Amos Higbee, Monkton, 107 doe; Scott Curtis, Monkton, 107 doe; Jon Boise, New Haven, 105 doe; James Gill, Cornwall, 104 doe; Josh Nelson, Bristol, 104 doe; and Cobi Badger, Monkton, 104 doe.
Also, Bradley Bertrand, Waltham, 103 doe; Robert Brigan, Ferrisburgh, 103 doe; Benjamin Adams, Cornwall, 103 doe; Lisa Brace, Bridport, 102 doe; Andrew Sumner, Monkton, 102 doe; Seth Kittredge, Bristol, 102 doe; Adam Tarmy, Monkton, 102 doe; Charles Paolantonio, Monkton, 100 doe; Benjamin Smith, Ferrisburgh, 100 doe; Stephen Rogers, Monkton, 100 doe; and Scott Brace, Hartland, 98 doe.
Also, Ora Booska, Ripton, 97 doe; Francis Trombley, Ferrisburgh, 94 doe; Daniel Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 94 doe; Luc Charlebois, New Haven, 92 doe; Ben Cayer, Monkton, 92 doe; Michael Dragon, Salisbury, 91 doe; Kody Ploof, Panton, 90 doe; Dustin Haselton, Hinesburg, 89 doe; Lawrence Coleman, Ferrisburgh, 81 doe; Erik Carruth, Cornwall, 80 female; Daniel Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 80 male; and Todd Huestis, Ferrisburgh, 80 doe.
Also, Edward Kwiatkowski, Weybridge, 76 doe; Steven Crosby, Ferrisburgh, 75 female; Christopher Yurco, Ferrisburgh, 75 female; Edward Stanley, Weybridge, 74 male; Langdon Smith, New Haven, 72 female; Cooper Harvey, Charlotte, 69 female; Mark Beauchemin, Monkton, 64 female; Kevin Lambert, Ferrisburgh, 63 female; Sam Rathbun, Charlotte, 63 female; Heath Jewell, Ferrisburgh, 62 female; Shawn Lacey, New Haven, 62 female; and Peter Fenn, Charlotte, 61 female.
Matthew Bourgeois, Orwell, 122 doe; William Phillips, Clarendon, 120 doe; Timothy Langlois, Clarendon, 120 doe; Ron Parent, Orwell, 155-6; James Payne, Bridport, 125 doe; Miranda Snyder, Orwell, 115 doe; Clinton Snyder, Orwell, 135 doe; Jarrod Wilcox, Sudbury, 115-4; Zakk Williams, Orwell, 133 doe; Seth Gebo, Orwell, 104 doe; Dylan Lanpher, Shoreham, 136-5; Patrick Fifield, Middlebury, 126 doe; and Allen Alger, Orwell, 116 doe.
Also, Caden Reed, Orwell, 73 female; Steven Brileya, Shoreham, 144 doe; Bradley Disorda, Orwell, 147 doe; William Alexander, Cornwall, 100 doe; Sondra Alexander, Cornwall, 128 doe; Raymond Savoie, Proctor, 83 doe; John Reed, Castleton, 130 doe; Cody Steele, Cornwall, 126 doe; Jim Ryan, Shoreham, 85 doe; Bryan Ashley-Selleck, Shoreham, 104 doe; and Mitchell Gallison, Shoreham, 174-8.
Also, Matt Brush, Pawlet, 114 doe; Jeremy Quenneville, Orwell, 127 doe; Robert Rogers, Orwell, 126-5; Wyatt Laberge, Shoreham, 91 male; Kyle Trudo, Orwell, 134 doe; Amber Young, Orwell, 112 doe; Brody Little, Orwell, 112 doe; David Anderson, Orwell, 105 doe; Robertas Nielsen, Whiting, 70 female; Raymond Bradish, Orwell, 123-4; Josh Paige, Orwell, 123-4; and Aaron Tucker, Orwell, 115 doe;
Also, Evelyn Palmer, Orwell, 115 doe; Mark LeBeau, Shoreham, 80 doe; Delbert Frazier, Shoreham, 115 doe; Dustin Shaw, Orwell, 133 doe; Kyle Cram, Sudbury, 135-5; Mark Simonds, Whiting, 117 doe; Justin Quenneville, Cornwall, 127 doe; Michael Matot, Shoreham, 130 doe; Kaylin Riesterer, Shoreham, 53 female; Scott Denis, Benson, 107 doe; Timothy Little, Orwell, 140 doe; and Jason D’Avignon, Orwell, 130 doe.
Also, Daniel Ellis, Orwell, 100 doe; Jesse Booska, Orwell, 129 doe; Daniel Bedard, Cornwall, 60 female; Kyle Birchmore, Shoreham, 105 doe; Pierre Laroche, Shoreham, 136 doe; James Dragon, Sudbury, 118-6; Cassandra Fyles, Shoreham, 133-5; Devin Russell, Orwell, 128 doe; Zachary Mason, Orwell, 105 doe; Lynn Traverse, Orwell, 127 doe; Dennis Patterson, Shoreham, 130-3; and Jonathan Ketcham, Sudbury, 170-10.
Also, Timothy Little, Orwell, 118 doe; Douglas New, Leicester, 105 doe; James Booska, Orwell, 126 doe; Stephen Blaise, Brandon, 118-4; Wyatt Forbes, Orwell, 110 doe; Christopher Davis, Shoreham, 112 doe; Duane Kehoe, Shoreham, 130 doe; Adam Phillips, Orwell, 65 female; and Zachary Booska, Benson, 112 doe.
Also Eric Hall, Brandon, 111 doe; Brian Kemp, Sudbury, 168-8; Jacques Litch, Orwell, 109 doe; Brett Huntley, Orwell, 138 doe; Morris Lackey, Shoreham, 130-4; Kaleb Radford, Whiting, 62 female; and Will Madison, Shoreham, 143 doe.
Deer kill from year to year
The full scan for deer weighed in the county
•  2018: 1,345 deer (571 rifle, 110 youth, 274 bow, 390 muzzleloader)
•  2017: 1,189 deer (554 rifle, 110 youth, 161 bow, 264 muzzleloader)
•  2016: 1,064 deer (573 rifle, 94 youth, 206 bow, 191 muzzleloader)
•  2015: 772 deer (444 rifle, 78 youth, 206 bow, 44 muzzleloader*)
•  2014: 724 deer (359 rifle, 107 youth, 152 bow, 106 muzzleloader)
•  2013: 807 deer (421 rifle, 109 youth, 132 bow, 145 muzzleloader)
•  2012: 875 deer (405 rifle, 124 youth, and 346 combined bow/muzzleloader)
•  2011: 671 deer (329 rifle, 110 youth, 232 bow/muzzleloader)
•  2010: 1,021 deer (428 rifle, 95 youth weekend, 498 bow/muzzleloader)
•  2009: 840 deer (301 rifle, 91 youth, 448 bow/muzzleloader)
* No muzzleloader doe permits were issued in 2015 after a harsher winter.
Andy Kirkaldy may be reached at [email protected].

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