Letter to the editor: Relax, and let the sun shine in

Things are getting better. Dec 11 is the time when the sun starts to set later. A second of time a day at the start and by noon Mar 20 (the equinox, when the Sun crosses the equator and day and night are equally long at the equinox) when we gain 4 minutes of daylight a day. But it is not till 1 Jan that the morning sunrise starts to get earlier. And Dec 20 is when the Sun stands still (Solstice) and has stopped going south and starts to go north. This due to the analemma, which is due to complex spherical geometry and that provide “sun fast” or “sun slow.” 
Unfortunately, lack of Sun on the northern regions has allowed them to get very cold and when the Sun returns up there the cold comes south and gives us Winter and snow. So, it is getting better for evening light but not for cold weather. Sit back and enjoy, inside with a picture window.
Peter Grant

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