Vergennes Police Log: Vergennes officers patrol city for speeders

VERGENNES — Vergennes police recently continued their crackdown on speeding within city limits, and they began enforcing the city’s annual winter ban on overnight parking on city streets. 
Between Nov. 26 and Dec. 2 Vergennes police conducted nine patrols specifically targeted at traffic enforcement. They set up shop on Monkton Road (twice), West Main Street (three times), North Main Street (three times) and Panton Road, and in all ticketed 19 drivers for speeding and warned two more. 
On Dec. 2 police also ticketed three vehicle owners for leaving their vehicles on city streets between 2 and 6:30 a.m. in violation of the winter parking ban. Police did not order any vehicles towed this time, but have the option to do so.
In other action between Nov. 26 and Dec. 2, Vergennes police:
On Nov. 26:
•  Spoke to a construction crew about not running a jackhammer at 1 a.m. near Shaw’s Supermarket after hearing a citizen complaint; police said workers agreed not to.
•  Dealt with a minor accident on the Northlands Job Corps campus.
On Nov. 27:
•  Backed up Vermont State Police at a Monkton home, where a teen had called in a false report that he was holding his grandmother hostage.
•  Took a report of a minor accident on Main Street.
On Nov. 28:
•  Began investigating an embezzlement complaint filed by management of the former downtown branch of Citizens Bank.
•  Looked into an assault complaint filed by a woman, but determined that she was under mental stress and it had not occurred.
On Nov. 29:
•  Heard a tip about alleged drug activity in the city.
•  Helped state police run a checkpoint on Route 7 in New Haven and confiscated a loaded rifle from a motorist’s car.
•  Called a man who was leaving unwanted harassing messages to a wrong number; the messages stopped.
•  Looked for a possibly rabid skunk near Vergennes Union High School, but could not find it.
On Nov. 30 began investigating the apparent theft of a client file from a downtown business; police said a suspicious man had been seen near the business.
On Dec. 2 began investigating an alcohol issue at Northlands Job Corps. 

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