Monkton provides peek at town buildings to determine community needs

MONKTON — Attention Monkton residents: the town’s Municipal Building Committee wants to hear from you.
The Building Committee has been working for over a year to determine what kind of facility the majority of Monkton residents want and exploring design concepts. The next step is putting out a request for proposals, but the committee wants more feedback on some basic design concepts put together by the committee.
When is the last time you visited the Russell Memorial Library? Have you ever stopped in at the Town Hall? Now’s your chance.
The committee will host an open house at the Monkton Library and Town Hall this coming Saturday, Dec. 8, 10 a.m.-noon. There will be opportunities to:
•  Take a tour of the Town Hall and library.
•  Stop by the site for the new Municipal Building.
•  Bring your questions, comments and concerns about the building project.
•  Talk with neighbors about vision and values before the Building Committee puts together a Request for Proposals (RFP).
•  Enjoy hot coffee/tea and refreshments.
All Monkton residents are urged to take a moment to visit the Municipal Building Committee’s webpage at There people can see:
•  Survey results.
•  Statement of need.
•  Historical proposals.
•  Committee minutes.
•  A list of committee members.
For those who can’t make it to the open house, the committee still wants to hear from you. Email your comments to [email protected].

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