Vergennes Police Log: City patrols crack down on speeding

VERGENNES — Vergennes police continue to crack down on speeding within city limits with more extra patrols devoted to traffic control.
Between Nov. 19 and 25 Vergennes police ran three directed patrols mainly designed to control speed. On Nov. 19 they patrolled on West Main Street and Hopkins Road and issued four tickets and a warning. On Nov. 23 they patrolled West Main Street and again issued four tickets and a warning, and also worked on North Main Street and ticketed two drivers and warned a third.
Police Chief George Merkel said the patrols are being done in addition to routine traffic enforcement and are not the only efforts being made.
In other action between Nov. 19 and 25, Vergennes police:
On Nov. 19:
•  Issued a no-trespass order to a Champlain Discount Foods customer who was allegedly making an employee uncomfortable.
•  Helped a woman enter her locked vehicle on Comfort Hill.
•  Checked a report of a person in a parked car outside a North Green Street medical practice for several hours; police found the car, but it was empty.
On Nov. 20:
•  Directed traffic around a disabled truck in front of Small City Market on Main Street.
•  Were told by a North Main Street property owner that items inside a home had been moved around while he was gone, including items moved upstairs from its basement, but that nothing was missing.
On Nov. 21:
•  Conducted active-shooter training at the empty Vergennes Union High School; officers from the Hinesburg and Middlebury departments also attended.
•  Following a complaint, warned one woman not to leave offensive voice mail on another woman’s phone.
•  Worked on an impaired-driving checkpoint in Ferrisburgh organized by Vermont State Police.
On Nov. 22:
•  Told all three people involved in a Facebook Messenger dispute to stop contacting one another.
•  Took a report of an accident at the intersection of Main and South Water streets.
•  Directed traffic around a disabled truck in front of Small City Market on Main Street.
•  Calmed a custody dispute at a Hillside Drive apartment.
•  Checked out a report that a woman was standing outside a possibly disabled car on Green Street; they found nothing.
On Nov. 23:
•  Helped a motorist get into a locked car on Main Street.
•  Checked out a report of two women on Hillside Drive smoking marijuana in a car with infants in the back seat; police could not find the vehicle.
•  Backed up Vermont State Police at an Addison family fight.
On Nov. 24 helped the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad at a South Maple Street call.
On Nov. 25:
•  Provided information for a background check for a federal security clearance.
•  Were told a license plate was stolen from a car parked on Main Street.

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