Letter to the editor: A coyote’s thoughts, translated

Letter from a Coyote:
Hello, Vermont folks! Your Animal Control Officers have been receiving an abundance of calls from residents who are saying they have been seeing us around a lot more recently. You see, our woods have been slightly taken over by houses in this lovely state, which has left us little place to hide and there is an open hunting season on us … but not to fear, we have learned to co-exist!
We want you to know that we have no intentions of harming people or your children. If you see us sleeping in your backyard, it is likely because we have found a safe spot to curl up for a quick nap, but one quick knock on a window or door will send us running. Usually, we go a couple hundred feet and if you’re not following us, we tend to get comfortable again pretty quickly.
Because a lot of coyote young are starting to venture off on their own away from their families, they may be a little bit curious and watch from afar; the more you keep us scared of humans, the farther away we will be sure to stay.
Usually, our daily meals consist of bunnies and small rodents such as chipmunks, rats, and mice — you know, those cute little ones that sneak into your house in the wintertime and chew on your electrical cords? Yeah, those guys. But we absolutely love when you leave us an easy meal in an open trash barrel. We are good to have around, but if you don’t want us near your house just keep scaring us away by banging pots and pans, clapping your hands together when you see us or even a light spray with a hose should be enough. Remember though, if you tempt us with yummy open trash barrels, pet food or people food we will likely be back soon!
Dean Percival
New Haven

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