Brandon area hunters bag bigger bucks this season

BRANDON — The November rifle season for deer wrapped up the Sunday after Thanksgiving and left many area hunters thankful for heavier bucks this year than in previous years. The numbers also kept the reporting stations busy all month, though it was hit or miss in many reporting districts. But the size and weight of the deer were generally up.
At Keith’s Country Store in Pittsford, the season started slow but picked up. The number of deer reported this season was slightly lower than last season with 134 brought in, but the bucks were bigger this year and Keith’s recorded the heaviest deer they have ever had weighing in at 228 pounds. Jon Keithbelieves the smaller number reported this year was because the Wooden Barrel Country Store in Chittenden is also reporting again.
Keith says that the spike horn law may finally be affecting the quality of the deer. The spike horn law, which limits a legal buck to those that have at least two antler points to a side, has been controversial with some hunters doubting its effectiveness and complaining about the difficulty of distinguishing a legal buck from an illegal buck on the fly.
“It keeps hunters in the field longer,” said Keith. “Instead of back at camp.”
Junction Store on Forest Dale Road in Brandon reported 71 deer this season, which is a few more than they reported last year. Twenty were reported the final weekend. Their largest buck reported was 220 pounds, but they had 34 buck with at least seven points and one buck that weighed in at 180 pounds with 11 points.
The following hunters weighed deer at one of the reporting stations after a successful hunt this rifle season. Included are the hunter’s name, town the deer was taken in, deer pounds and points.
Junction Store 
Junction Store — Kevin Williams Jr., Brandon, 159-5; Kevin Barker, Hancock, 205-8; Jonathan Thornton, Salisbury, 116-6; Jarrod Pratt, Rochester, 154-7; Zachary Saxe, Goshen, 125-8; David Forrest, Florence, 142-6; David Howland, Hubbardton, 163-7; Jeffrey Owen, Leicester, 105-3; Duane Laughlin, Brandon, 112-3; and Kesly Pierre, Goshen, 160-6.
Edward Galvin, Salisbury, 162-4; Nicholas Cain, Goshen, 150-5; Benjamin Hogan, Cornwall, 176-8; Timothy Rollins, Brandon, 220-8; Alan Knapp, Brandon, 174-7; Kelsey Cram, Castleton, 120-3; Roland Dutton, Leicester, 145-6; Jim Beane, Goshen, 120-3; Jack Santo, Brandon, 165-9; and William Bradley, Goshen, 147-7.
Kurt Kimball, Brandon, 160-5; Justin Carter, 149-5; Dan Mandigo, 147-3; Brett Swahn, Wheelock, 194-7; David Leonard, Goshen, 189-6; Charles Munger, Brandon, 187-6; Trevor Bergevin, Brandon, 130-8; Gary Beaudre, Brandon, 160-7; William Dutton, Leicester, 120-4; Timothy Holcomb, Brandon, 150-8; Dylan Jones, Castleton, 180-9; and Jodie Nicklaw, Leicester, 152-4.
Michael Andrews, Rochester, 130-6; Timothy Devino, Benson, 198-8; Ronald Bushey, Proctor, 125-5; Douglas Frary, Brandon, 174-7; Michael Mayhew, Goshen, 135-6; James Johnson, Sudbury, 162-5; Carlton Miner, Sudbury, 130-8; Jonathan Kimball, Brandon, 150-8; Heather Fredette, Orwell, 143-4; Steven Bird, Sudbury, 180-8; David Snow, Brandon, 174-8; Nicholas Kimball, Brandon, 160-8; and Christopher Burt, Brandon, 142-4.
 Jeffrey Jones, Brandon, 156-8; Edward Champine, Florence, 180-11; Tim Mcculough, Goshen, 162-3; Aaron Miner, Brandon, 157-5; Jonathan Wyman, Brandon, 150-6; Adam Piper, Leicester, 125-3; Dillon Quesnel, Leicester, 106-5; Burton Cole, Leicester, 175-8; Robert Derosa, Brandon, 168-4; Donald Grace Jr., Brandon, 180-8; Ethan Dragon, Ripton, 111-4; Jeffrey Howland, Hubbardton, 119-4; Todd Aaron, Goshen, 157-8; John Swahn, 150-8; and Adam Munger, Brandon, 135-3.
Glen Billings, Brandon, 133-7; Jacob Owen, Leicester, 125-3; Zachary Bruce, Brandon, 132-7; Ryan Snow, Brandon, 160-8; Timothy Brutkoski, Pittsford, 148-8; Jeremy Rowe, Chittenden, 160-8; Paul Houle, Leicester,160-5; Brenna Nolan-Kimball, Brandon, 135-8; Justin Williams, Brandon, 120-6; Jeremy Munger, Leicester, 162-7; and Austin Billings, Brandon, 140-6.
Keith’s Country Store  
Keith’s Country Store — Michael Ley, West Rutland, 228-7; Theadore Lee, Rochester, 197-8; Richard Gecha, Pittsford, 193-4; Robert Farnham, Sudbury, 189-7; Howard White, Clarendon, 183-6; Reginald Charbonneau, Pittsford, 182-7; Zachary Coarse, Castleton, 180-9; Robert Dayton, Ripton, 178-7; Richard Poro, Pittsford, 177-6; and Daniel Mcdonough, Brandon, 176-8.
Joshua Mcdonough, Brandon, 176-4; Pierce Thurston, Brandon, 174-6; Robin Roberts, Mount Tabor, 170-8; Lawrence Pomainville, Pittsford, 170-3; Casey Daniell, Clarendon, 170-6; Joseph Sherwood, Chittenden, 170-6; Roy Arthur, Shrewsbury, 170-5; Paul Grabowski, West Rutland, 170-8; Bradley Christian, Pittsford, 168-8; Terry Mitchell, Rochester, 168-8; Lance Monger, Pittsford, 167-8; Brett Erickson, Hubbardton, 166-9; Gary Severance, Chittenden, 164-8; and Jay Williams, Pittsford, 164-6.
Ian Booth, Pittsford, 163-6; John Knox, Clarendon, 162-8; Robert Harvey, West Rutland, 162-8; Thomas Grace, Pittsford, 162-6; David Grandchamp, West Rutland, 161-6; Jay Mayer, Pittsford, 161-7; Lawrence Taggart Jr., Ira, 160-6; Jonathan Mayhew, Pittsford, 160-7; Kyle Rousseau, Brandon, 160-5; Richard Roberts, Pittsford, 160-5; Roy Seymour, Clarendon, 160-7; Scott O’Connor, West Rutland, 160-7; Daniel Mandigo, Chittenden, 159-3; and Lane Wisell, Shrewsbury, 157-4.
 Jonathan Gearwar, Brandon, 157-5, Kevin Gecha, Pittsford, 157-3; Kyle Shum, Mendon, 157-8; Joshua Notte, West Rutland, 156-4; Frank Kurant, Rutland, 156-9; Wayne Forrest, Proctor, 155-7; Walter Tripp, Clarendon, 155-8; Greg Polli, Pittsford, 155-7; Todd Stone, Pittsford, 155-8; Christopher Nicklaw, Leicester, 155-6; David Corliss, Pittsford, 154-7; Michael Quesnel, Rutland, 154-7; and Brett Patterson, Goshen, 153-8.
Brian Gecha, Pittsford, 153-4; Jordan Johnson, Hancock, 153-7; William Tomasello, Chittenden, 152-5; Jakob Mcdonough, Brandon, 152-6; Douglas Coburn, West Rutland, 152-5; Michael Shum, Wallingford, 151-7; Jeffrey Fay, Chittenden, 150-4; Greg Plantier, Brandon, 150-5; Mark Winslow, Pittsford, 150-7; Justin Carter, Proctor, 149-5; Michael Hart, Wallingford, 149-3; Ryan Laporte, Tinmouth, 149-5; Raymond Forrest, Pittsford, 148-8; Jed Danyow, Rutland, 148-4; Jarrod Trombley, Chittenden, 146-5; David Trombley, Chittenden, 145-4; and Richard Serafin, Brandon, 145-4.
 Joel Flewelling, Hancock, 145-6; Olivia Drew, Pittsford, 144-4; Thomas Turner, Chittenden, 143-4; Burt McCullough, West Rutland, 143-4; Luke Molaski, West Rutland, 142-4; Ashley Keefe, Pittsford, 142-4; Madison Cummings, Pittsford, 142-6; Gardner Stone, Pittsford, 142-8; Wayne Withington, Rutland, 140-5; Evan Perry, Pittsford, 140-6; Michael Potter, Pittsford, 140-5; James Dolphin, Pittsford, 140-7; Amy Kehoe, Chittenden, 140-8; and Jason Mckeighan, Pittsford, 139-3.
Raymond Washburn, Wallingford, 139-7; Robert Parker, Brandon, 138-5; Ryan Putnam, West Rutland, 138-5; David Aines, Chittenden, 137-4; Jacob Scarborough, Brandon, 137-5; Marc Campbell, Pittsford, 137-5; Bradford Gee, Pittsford, 137-8; Nick Maniery, Pittsfield, 136-4; Logan Trombley, Chittenden, 135-6; Jason Thornton, Proctor, 135-4; Reed Swahn, Jericho, 135-4; Eric Grenier, Brandon, 135-5; Marty Pinkowski, Pittsford, 135-6; Robert Charbonneau, Pittsford, 135-5; and Benjamin Konarski, Pittsford, 134-7.
John Cragin, Chittenden, 134-5; Tyler Allen, Brandon, 134-4; Donald Chioffi, Rutland, 133-6; Mackenzie Mclaren, Pittsford, 133-6; John Rowe, Chittenden, 133-6; Cody Scarborough, Whiting, 132-5; Tyler Laughlin, Brandon, 130-6; Gregory Mayhew, Danby, 130-5; Brady Cook, Pittsford, 130-6; Timothy Perry, West Rutland, 130-8; Marjorie Southard, Clarendon, 128-6; and John Turner, Chittenden, 127-5.
Randy Arnold, Pittsford, 127-4; Joseph Massores, Pittsford, 127-6; Greg Sharon, Poultney, 126-4; Roger Foley, Proctor, 124-4; Josef Scarborough, Leicester, 121-3; Corey Webster, Brandon, 120-3; Logan Landon, Pittsford, 120-3; David Gedney, Rutland, 120-3; Chad Lonergan, Brandon, 120-4; Matthew Snow, Brandon, 120-3; Andrew Hemple, Chittenden, 118-5; and Robert Thornton, Proctor, 116-4.
Craig Pelkey, Shrewsbury, 115-4; Jarrod Brutkoski, Pittsford, 114-4; Paul Cousino, Pittsford, 109-5; Kim Moriglioni, Pittsford, 108-5; Michael Czachor, Pittsford, 107-5; Zachary Merriam, Pittsford, 107-3; Thomas Mcdonald, Rutland, 104-4; Connor Gallipo, Rutland, 105-6; Joseph Gearwar, Proctor, 104-5; Shaun Blanchard, Proctor, 103-3; Stephen Prior, Brandon, 103-4; Raymond Cook, Pittsford, 102-4; and Gregory Markowski, Sudbury, 92-3.

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