Many young hunters are successful in Addison County

ADDISON COUNTY —  Young hunters brought 110 deer to Addison County wildlife stations to be weighed after shooting them during 2018’s Youth Hunting Weekend, which fell on Nov. 3 and 4 this year.
That number exactly equaled 2017’s total, which was the second-best count for youth weekend in the past decade, trailing only the 124 taken in 2012.
Those numbers are contributing to what seems to be a solid overall start to 2018’s deer season, with numbers so far tracking closely with 2017, a season that ultimately proved to be the best overall since 2005, when laws changed to limit the types of bucks that hunters could shoot in rifle season.
The two biggest deer shot during Youth Hunting Weekend were both weighed at Buxton’s Store in Orwell. One topped 200 pounds: Carter Audet shot a 204-pound, seven-point buck in Orwell.
Jacob Kemp took down the next largest buck, a 186-pound, six-pointer he found in Whiting.
The following young hunters brought deer to be weighed at a county station after finding success on Nov. 3 or 4. Listings include town of kill, pounds and points if an antlered buck, and weight and gender if not.
Lolke Vorsteveld, Panton, 125-pound doe; Louis Provencher, Addison, 115 doe; Zachary Botala, Monkton, 127 pound-4 point; and Kaiden Lecompte, Panton, 68 male.
Rachel Gracie, Charlotte, 118 doe; Abigail Breen, Lincoln, 133 doe; Devin Emmons, Hinesburg, 134 doe; John Lucia, Panton, 119 buck; Gavin McNulty, Shoreham, 95 doe.
Lily Russell, Orwell, 146-4; Lily Dame, Shoreham, 123 doe; Jacob Kemp, Whiting, 186-6; Blake Sheldrick, West Haven, 124-2; Joe Connor, Shoreham, 150-2; Carter Audet, Orwell, 204-7; Caleb Foster, Orwell, 125-7; Oliver Charron, Benson, 126 doe; Asa Young, Orwell, 131-3; Anthony Mallette, Hubbardton, 131-4; Brandon Eastman, Orwell, 146-4; Jacob Clifford, Orwell, 132-3; and Laurel Boutwell, Castleton, 144-3.
Also, Cooper Laroche, Shoreham, 170 doe; Brody Little, Shoreham, 77-2; Nathan Jones, Orwell, 155-4; Tanner Burns, Shoreham, 114-2; Jack Almeida, Orwell, 117 doe; Fraser Pierpont, Leicester, 127 doe; Bentley Eastman, Orwell, 124-3; Robert Steves, Fair Haven, 152-7; Charlotte Newton, Orwell, 144-6; Trey Lee, Orwell, 129-2; John Lowell, Orwell, 64 male; and Sawyer Garthhaffern, Huntington, 103 doe.
Also, Wyatt Casanelli, Orwell, 136 doe; Steviee Bell, Shoreham, 160-5; Carter Paquette, Shoreham, 113 doe; Allison Rogers, Orwell, 106 doe; Thomas Given, Orwell, 136 buck; Samuel Worthing, Benson, 168-8; Kyle James, Benson, 123 doe; Crane Fletcher, Sudbury, 107 doe; and Mike Dame, Shoreham, 123 doe.  
Keldon Lapell, Cornwall, 144-6; Hank Nop, Salisbury, 140-doe; Nicholas Madison, Shoreham, 136-4; Diana Pratt-Raymond, New Haven, 134-2; Colin Foster, Bridport, 131-5; Destiny Gero, Cornwall, 130 doe; Alexander Sperry, Middlebury, 129 doe; Alanna Trudeau, Middlebury, 128 doe; Meredith Cameron, New Haven, 128-4; Riellie Washburn, Middlebury, 126 doe; Jazmine Counter, Salisbury, 124-2; Caleb Whitney, Cornwall, 124 doe; and Matthew Cole, Leicester, 123 doe.
Also, Nicholas Austin Neil, Salisbury, 121 doe; Christina Lanpher, Leicester, 118 doe; Timothy Whitney, Shoreham, 111-2; Caleb Scrodin, Fairfield, 106 doe; Eric Poploski, Ripton, 102 doe; Hannah Cameron, New Haven, 100 doe; Isaac Whitney, Salisbury, 97 doe; Ethan Ploof, Salisbury, 95 doe; Cameron Stone, New Haven, 83 doe; Tucker Quenneville, Salisbury, 78 male; Derek Raymond, Salisbury, 74 male; Sawyer Malzac, Middlebury, 70 male; Mason Kaufmann, Weybridge, 65 female; and Kegan Brown, Ripton, 51 female.
Travon Therrien, New Haven, 103 doe; Coleton Pizzagalli, Charlotte, 82 doe; Wilder Devine, Bristol, 147 doe; Walker Bartlett, Bristol, 104 buck; Hunter Meacham, Addison, 174-6; Collin Dupoise, New Haven, 138 doe; John Stanley, Monkton, 109 doe; Oscar Huestis, Ferrisburgh, 75 doe;  Hannah Fischer, Starksboro, 68 fawn; Ashtin Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 134-2; and Tyler Martin, Monkton, 117 doe.
Also, Charles Stone, New Haven, 109-2; Jarret Muzzy, Vergennes, 115-3; Alex Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 122-3; Hunter Morin, New Haven, 82 doe; Jacob Russell, Bristol, 166-8; Angela Fortin, Charlotte, 184-8; Tyler Kimball, New Haven, 123 doe; Devan Hemingway, Shoreham, 120 doe; Chad Fredette, Ferrisburgh, 132 doe; Shelby Paquin, Panton, 120-3; Austin Rule, Monkton, 123-2; Jackson Paquin, Panton, 124 doe; and Nicole Sweet, Ferrisburgh, 143-8.
Jordan Schroeder, Bristol, 103 doe; Alexis Perlee, New Haven, 121 doe; Addison Fleming, New Haven, 75 doe; Landan Campbell, Huntington, 64 female; Kylie Sorrell, Charlotte, 142-4; Joshua Sherman, Warren, 119 doe; Levi McGuire, Bristol, 65 female; Ryan Jennings, Bristol, 120 doe; Cassidy Brown, Middlebury, 137-4; Aiden Menard, Lincoln, 60 female; Tucker Davis, Starksboro, 133 doe; Ryan Marcotullio, Starksboro, 149-8; Dakota Lowell, Lincoln, 119 doe; Hagen White, Middlebury, 67 doe; and Matthew Bryant, Lincoln, 64 female.

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