Bristol Police Log: Accident lands driver with DUI citation

BRISTOL — On Oct. 10, Bristol police cited Nathan P. Fefee, 21, of Bristol for driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.
At 12:08 a.m. that Wednesday, police responded to the report that a vehicle had struck a telephone pole on Mountain Street and left the scene. Police located the vehicle on Rockydale Road and determined that Fefee was the driver.
Fefee was ordered to appear in Addison Superior Court to answer to the charges.
Between Oct. 8 and 21, Bristol police completed 33 foot and car patrols at various locations, particularly on Mountain Street, Main Street, North Street and surrounding areas during student arrival and dismissal at Bristol Elementary School.
Officers also completed four hours and 30 minutes of directed patrol, traffic enforcement and patrols of the police district and the town under a town contract.
During that same period, officers checked security at Mount Abraham Union High School 12 times, completed 13 fingerprint requests, verified two vehicle identification numbers, conducted nine business checks on Main Street and surrounding areas and eight times secured unsecured buildings.
Bristol police assisted Vermont State Police on Oct. 10, 12 and 17, Bristol Rescue Squad twice on Oct. 20, Middlebury police on Oct. 11 and Vergennes police on Oct. 20.
In other recent activity, Bristol police:
•  On Oct. 8 investigated a tobacco possession complaint.
•  On Oct. 9 began investigating a vandalism complaint.
•  On Oct. 9 initiated an investigation into alleged internet-related criminal activity.
•  On Oct. 10 an officer spoke to local students about consent and healthy choices.
•  On Oct. 10 received a property-watch request and started a report.
•  On Oct. 10 assisted with training instruction for school district faculty and staff.
•  On Oct. 10 found money on Main Street. The owner of the money may contact Bristol police at 453-2533 to claim it.
•  On Oct. 10 served a district resident with a temporary Relief from Abuse Order.
•  On Oct. 11 an officer spoke with students regarding sexual assault and consent-related topics.
•  On Oct. 11 received, from a concerned citizen, a report of what they believed to be suspicious circumstances.
•  On Oct. 11 received a report that a cat belonging to a West Pleasant Street resident had been shot with a pellet gun. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Bristol police at 453-2533.
•  On Oct. 11 assisted schools with a truancy case.
•  On Oct. 12 investigated and addressed the concerns of a citizen regarding a suspicious circumstance.
•  On Oct. 12 issued a juvenile tobacco-related civil violation complaint.
•  On Oct. 13 investigated a disagreement a homeowner had with another person and determined it to be a civil matter.
•  On Oct. 13 checked Bristol Elementary School.
•  On Oct. 14 responded to an alarm activation at a local business and determined there was no emergency.
•  On Oct. 15 searched an electronic device for another law enforcement agency with a search warrant.
•  On Oct. 16 directed traffic on West Street until Green Mountain Power could address a low-hanging wire.
•  On Oct. 16 investigated alleged fraudulent credit card activity.
•  On Oct. 16 issued a juvenile tobacco-related civil violation complaint.
•  On Oct. 16, at 7:25 p.m., investigated a two-vehicle crash on Main Street, with property damage.
•  On Oct. 16 helped a citizen secure a public building.
•  On Oct. 17 located and served a local person with a court order.
•  On Oct. 17 found a ring in a local parking lot. The owner may contact Bristol police at 453-2533.
•  On Oct. 17 secured a dog found running on Hardscrabble Road near the Red Cedar School and returned it to its owner.
•  On Oct. 18 responded to a local 911 hang-up call and determined that there was no emergency.
•  On Oct. 18 assisted a local business with training related to active emergencies.
•  On Oct. 18 completed required training.
•  On Oct. 18 investigated a suspected drug incident.
•  On Oct. 19 assisted a citizen who had locked themselves out of their vehicle.
•  On Oct. 19 issued a warning to a driver for an incident that had been observed on Oct. 16.
•  On Oct. 20 initiated an investigation into a threatening complaint.
•  On Oct. 20, with the assistance of others, tried but failed to catch a loose dog.
•  On Oct. 20 investigated allegedly suspicious activity regarding a parked vehicle but found the vehicle had left.
•  On Oct. 21 investigated a vehicle crash with property damage.
•  On Oct. 21 investigated allegedly suspicious activity.

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