Vergennes Police Log: Police return found birth certificate to its owner

VERGENNES — Vergennes police handled an unusual item found on Oct. 24 by a citizen within city limits — another citizen’s birth certificate that was taken to their Main Street Station. 
Police said they were able to track down the certificate’s owner and return it.
Between Oct. 22 and 28, Vergennes police also conducted four directed patrols around the city intended to control speeding vehicles and three foot patrols through downtown, and in other action:
On Oct. 22 took a motorist’s report that her car struck a boulder in the Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot.
On Oct. 23 helped the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad at a Courtney Drive medical call.
On Oct. 24 went with VARS to deal with a report of a possible suicidal person and discovered an individual had suffered a bad interaction of a prescription drug with alcohol; VARS took the patient to Porter Hospital.
On Oct 25:
•  Responded to the Bixby Library when told a patron had been in a bathroom for a long time; police discovered a Northlands Job Corps student was ill and called Northlands, who took the student to the center infirmary.
•  Backed up Vermont State Police at a family fight on Nortontown Road in Addison.
•  Helped state police by dealing with a one-car accident in Ferrisburgh; police discovered the driver needed medical care, and VARS took him to Porter Hospital.
•  Looked unsuccessfully for a car reported to have passed a stopped school bus in the city.
On Oct. 26:
•  Dealt with two two-car accidents, one a minor two-car scrape on Main Street and one in which a drive with a medical issue veered off the road and struck a car parked at Champlain Farms.
•  Helped VARS at a Main Street medical call.
On Oct. 26 and 27 helped motorists get into locked cars, one on Panton Road and one in the Shaw’s parking lot.
On Oct. 27 took a report at the station that a man acting strangely at the Ferrisburgh McDonald’s Restaurant had then followed a person to the station, and then driven away; police could not find him.
On Oct. 28 told two Walker Avenue neighbors to stop squabbling, an incident triggered by one ringing the other’s doorbell and then leaving.

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