Letter to the editor: Wilson has work ethic, knowledge to thrive in House

This election is perhaps the most important one in which we will have a chance to vote in many years and for many years to come. The voters of the Addison-Rutland district, Benson, Orwell, Shoreham and Whiting, have an opportunity to vote for a real representative of all the people of the district. Barbara Wilson will bring a fresh voice to Montpelier.
Barbara comes from a dairy family where hard work shaped her personality and spirit providing her with a strong work ethic to take out into the world of business. After a 35-year career in the telecommunications industry Barb and her husband have returned to farm life in Shoreham. Now she hopes to serve her neighbors as their legislator.
For too long this office has been filled with “independents” who choose not to level with the voters as to what their true agenda for Montpelier and the agenda of which party they intend to serve. While a newcomer to political life Barb is running as a Democrat and is willing to tell us that. I look forward to her work in fighting for affordable health care for all Vermonters, for job training and affordable childcare, for property tax reform to truly serve the people of this district. We should all look forward to Barb’s bringing her voice and experience to address the needs and interests of the local farm community, her community, a vital force in the lives of our towns.
This Election Day make a real choice, an honest choice, for our future. That choice is Barb Wilson.
Joseph Trenn

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