Letter to the editor: Voters should repudiate Republicans on Tuesday

We implore every registered voter to cast a vote for a Democrat or Progressive on the ballot on Nov. 6, and even if you haven’t registered to vote yet, do it now. The country’s and our state’s future depends on it. All Republicans who have not spoken out against Trump strenuously, and these are the majority of them, are his enablers. Send a strong message.
As for the state offices, Christine Hallquist would make a far better governor than the inept Phil Scott, who has absolutely no vision, doesn’t know how to work with the legislature, doesn’t care about cleaning up our polluted waterways, and ignores the health of our children by vetoing the toxic substances bill. That goes for just about all the Republican legislators who sustained Scott’s vetoes the past two terms. At least let’s get a veto-proof majority of Dem and Prog senators and reps to render Scott’s repeated stonewalling ineffective. Also, don’t be fooled by some running as independents who are actually allied with Republicans.
Thank you,
Bruce Acciavatti

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