Letter to the editor: Marie Audet would serve as liaison between agriculture and the legislature

In the 20 years since we moved here I have discovered first-hand a few things about Vermont. First and foremost, it is a nice place to live. Not just for the scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities, but the people here seem to have a genuine concern for others. Second, agriculture is still an important part of the state’s economy and identity. For the past eight years I have taken an economics class to farms in Addison County. It has been a wonderful opportunity for people from all over the world to understand the economics and culture of those involved in local production agriculture. It seems every one of the farms we visit can be affected by and shares concerns about not only low milk prices and high production costs, but environmental and social issues as well.
One of the farms we have visited each year is Audet’s Blue Spruce Farm in Bridport. What I have seen in those eight years at Blue Spruce is a well-run, efficient, innovative operation with a strong interest in being a good neighbor to those in the community. Although I think for the most part the state government has done a good job, it also seems farmers have been under-represented in the House and Senate (with special recognition to Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman). As a very involved member of the Blue Spruce farm, Marie Audet would be an excellent choice to not only represent agriculture, but to serve as a liaison between agriculture and the legislature for the achievement of Vermont’s environmental, social, and economic goals. I hope she is given the chance to serve the Senate from the Addison District.
Steve Pecsok

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