Letter to the editor: Former Gov. Douglas: George has served well as asst. judge

We’re very fortunate to have Alice George serving as assistant judge for Addison County and I hope everyone will join Dorothy and me in supporting her for re-election.
She’s a lifelong Vermonter and a Middlebury resident for the past 34 years.
As our assistant judge, Alice participates in Family and Civil Court matters. Her experience and leadership have been recognized by Chief Justice Reiber, who appointed her to serve on the Supreme Court Commission charged with examining how Family Court cases are handled, to ensure that the challenges faced by our neighbors at difficult times in their lives are addressed fairly, compassionately and promptly. In particular, Alice is working to determine the best approaches to help families and children affected by the opioid crisis stay together as they receive treatment and resolve their offenses.
Alice is deeply involved in our community. She continues to work as an emergency room nurse part-time at Porter Hospital and has served as an Assistant Medical Examiner for Addison County for the past 18 years.
The assistant judges are responsible for the county budget and Alice has worked hard to maintain a level-funded budget, while ensuring that the sheriff’s department and county staff have the support they need to provide quality service. She’s looking out for us taxpayers.
Alice George has served us well. She’s an energetic, experienced and capable public official who deserves to be re-elected. For more information, check out her website: votealicegeorge.com.
Jim Douglas

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