Letter to the editor: Democratic candidates on right side of critical issues

I’ve heard some of our friends and neighbors maintain that it’s not wise to view everything through the lens of party, and that, in particular, local elections are different. I might counter that there are times and places where a national party is so far out of bounds that it needs to be opposed at all levels, national, state, and local. That being said, I do take the point our friends are making. And I completely agree that actions matter more than party label. This actually makes the choice we have on November 6th very simple. If (like me), you are in favor of legislation to:
•  Raise the minimum wage in Vermont to a living wage
•  Regulate toxic chemicals our children are exposed to
•  Start to establish Universal Primary Care in Vermont
Then in the Addison-4 House district, Democrats Mari Cordes and Caleb Elder are the candidates you want. They will vote for these things. Their opponents will not. In the State Senate race Democrats Chris Bray and Ruth Hardy are the candidates you want. They will vote for these things. Their opponents will not. This is not speculation, this is based on public commitments the candidates have made.
And if you do support the above things, as well as paid family leave, funding cleaning the lake, and signing budgets the tri-partisan legislature has overwhelmingly passed, then you want Democrat Christine Hallquist for governor instead of Phil Scott. Hallquist will pass these things. Scott will veto them. This is not based on partisan spin, but on her public commitments and his record.
I’d also like to ask that you vote for Peter Newton for Addison County Sheriff and Dennis Wygmans for State’s Attorney. They both combine compassion with respect for the law, and truly personify the idea “to protect and to serve.”
Thank you, and however folks are planning to vote, I hope to see you out at the polls on Tuesday.
Chris LaMay-West

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