Editorial: Zuckerman for Lt. Governor

There are some things on which we feel Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman is too progressive, but those are by matter of degrees, not of policy.
He’s a strong advocate for measures that will make the lives of lower- and middle-class Vermonters stronger and healthier — a livable wage, health care for all, net neutrality, reducing the wage gap and affordable housing. He’s an organic farmer who understands the pressures facing farmers across the state and the need for smaller farms to diversify.
As a supporter of marijuana legalization, Zuckerman has long advocated for its retail sale in Vermont as a practical reality and to capitalize on its revenue to help finance increased economic development and higher education subsidies for Vermont graduates — but only after setting aside enough revenue to treat today’s opioid addiction and meet additional law enforcement needs.
He is passionate about cleaning Vermont’s waters, promoting renewable energy and reducing the state’s carbon footprint.
Combine those policy positions with his 18 years of legislative experience — having served four years in the Vermont Senate and as the Vice Chair on the Senate Committee of Agriculture, and 14 years in the Vermont House, from 1997-2010, and his first term as lieutenant governor behind him — and he has the clout and the knowledge to help advance those policy goals into action. His opponent, Republican Don Turner, is on the opposite side of many of those same issues.
The biggest challenge Zuckerman faces is a base that thinks he has the race in the bag, and doesn’t bother to vote. Don’t be that person. Vote next Tuesday. It does make a difference.

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