Letter to the editor: Republicans should be taught a lesson on Nov. 6

As we consider who to vote for in the upcoming midterm election, it is important as always to assess the character and experience of individual candidates. It is also critically important, especially in this election, to try to understand what our two main political parties stand for right now. What vision for the future of the country are each of the parties advancing?
Here are some of the things that the current Republican Party stands for, as shown by their actions in Washington and in Republican controlled statehouses:
•  Tax cuts for the wealthy as evidenced by their recent trillion-dollar tax cut.
•  Bankruptcy of the federal government so that Social Security and Medicare can be cut.
•  Privatization of public education and destruction of Obamacare.
•  Disenfranchisement of voters and undermining trust in our voting systems.
The party of Trump is coddling murderers and enemies of Democracy like Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Russia, vilifying journalists and scientists it disagrees with as purveyors of “fake news,” and acting as if climate change is someone else’s problem. The party is led by a pathological, self-promoting liar bent on stoking fears and divisiveness, and it is jeopardizing the future of the country and the planet.
The current Democratic Party is, like any human organization, not without flaws. But at least it holds up a positive and constructive vision for our collective future:
•  Fair taxation and respect for working people.
•  Maintaining government solvency so that we can sustain our commitment to Social Security and Medicare, and invest in our infrastructure.
•  Working together with our allies to uphold the rule of law and address climate change.
•  Using science and data to craft legislation to meet the challenges we face; i.e. the mileage standards just discarded by the Republicans.
This is a party that is working to solve the problems we confront, both in Vermont and Washington.
Without a doubt there are decent Republicans, particularly here in Vermont. Unfortunately for them, their brand is tainted and needs to be vehemently rejected. Perhaps a sound thrashing at the polls will lead enough Republicans to reassess what their party stands for today.
Louis duPont

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