Letter to the editor: Audet and Ralston understand farming, economy

I don’t identify as either Republican or Democrat. I certainly don’t identify with everything either party espouses, and I prefer not to follow any party line. I believe our elected officials have a duty to know the issues and vote based upon the issue at hand, taking into consideration the needs of their constituents.
The constituents of Addison County — the people of Addison County — are a different constituency than the people of other Vermont counties. Addison County is a special and unique place, due in large part to the fact that our economy is agriculture-based. We have commercial apple orchards, a healthy forestry industry, abundant maple sugaring operations, not to mention beef and dairy farms. We produce cheese, milk, syrup, cider, eggs and meat for local consumption and broader distribution. It is quite the place.
We need to protect what it is that makes us so special — our resources, including our water and our soil. Among other things, we need to recognize and prioritize the economic demands placed on our farmers and other producers.
Fortunately, there are two candidates for the Addison County Senate that understand all of this, and see our agricultural economy as a priority in the upcoming legislative session. Marie Audet and Paul Ralston understand our Addison County economy and our Addison County needs, and I believe that, if elected, they will work for the people of Addison County accordingly. I will be voting for Marie Audet and Paul Ralston in November, and I hope you will too.
Benj Deppman

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