Letter to the editor: Record corrected on Audet’s farm

Please note: In my October 18th Letter to the Editor, I misidentified the location of Addison County Senate candidate Marie Audet’s farm. It is in Bridport, not on the East Creek in Orwell. Also I have been notified by landowners on East Creek that the deep sediment in East Creek is due to low lake levels not farm runoff.
My sincere apologies for any pain caused by my error.
Barrie Bailey
Editor’s note:
The Addison Independent regrets running the letter as it was sent to us. We did pause to question the location of the farm’s proximity to East Creek but, in our haste to get more correspondence into Thursday’s edition we confused East Creek with a different creek that does flow into Bridport. We should have taken more care, and apologize to the candidate for letting that error slip through.
— John McCright, news editor

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