Letter to the editor: Local Democrats know the issues

Some local candidates figure that “it is the economy, stupid” and that we need to grow the bottom line economy so there will be funds to solve our pressing social and environmental problems. Get government out of the way and/or use it to subsidize positive action and everything will be fine. My take is that approach is the source of most of our problems here in Vermont and across the globe.
Other candidates understand that “it is the stupid economy” that is the issue and that we need a triple top line approach including ecology, community, and economics to get us to a better place. They see the role of careful government as limiting unbridled capitalism and externalized costs while promoting a more holistic approach to protect the people and the planet. This approach makes much more sense to me.
For this reason and more I am unreluctantly voting for Chris Bray and Ruth Hardy for Senate and Mari Cordes and Caleb Elder for House.
David Brynn

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