Letter to the editor: Hardy’s skills are needed in Senate

The Middlebury area town meeting on March 5, 2018, was the first time many of us heard Ruth Hardy present the Unified School District budget. We were impressed with her preparation, understanding of the budgetary process and how the committee she chaired or co-chaired treated all attending the Middlebury member towns. She answered all the questions clearly and directly and to the apparent satisfaction of all attending the Middlebury meeting. Ruth Hardy attended every member town meeting and the budgets were passed by every town.
Her experience in presenting these budgets and passage of the budgets throughout the district are a testament to the skill of her work in our school funding. Her budget skills will be needed when it comes to the protection of Lake Champlain and our environment.
Ruth Hardy needs your support so that she may represent Addison County in the state Senate.
Karl Neuse

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