Letter to the editor: Rep. Sharpe supports Hardy, Bray for state Senate

I enthusiastically support and endorse Ruth Hardy to represent Addison County along with Sen. Chris Bray in the Vermont Senate. The job of Senator requires an individual with a broad understanding of the needs of Vermont citizens and the ability to collaborate with a relatively small number of colleagues who must cooperate in order to create quality and effective legislation. And, after the work is done, to be able to come home and explain what the legislature has accomplished to Vermonters at their doors, and in meetings such as the annual Town meetings.
Ruth Hardy has demonstrated those qualities as an educational leader and policy maker. Perhaps the most difficult community service that a citizen can contribute to our life in Vermont is service on a school board. Ruth is an experienced school board member who has served as chair of the elementary school, various study committees leading up to the formation of the Addison Central School District, and improving the educational opportunities for Addison Central school students.
Furthermore, her financial expertise has helped the new school district create good financial policies that have formed a responsible budget. She is a former Legislative analyst overseeing all areas of education finance including Pre-K, K-12, and higher education. These are exactly the skills we need as we try to figure out how to deliver cradle-to-career education for our children in a way we can afford to pay for it.
With my retirement the legislature needs Ruth Hardy to move forward with good financial planning for education. Join me in voting for both Ruth Hardy and Sen. Chris Bray for Vermont Senate.
Dave Sharpe

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