Letter to the editor: Jerome would best represent Brandon-area voters

Every fall I wrestle with who I will vote for and who will be the best to represent the interests of my community and my state. This year the choice was easy. I urge people to vote Stephanie Jerome to the Vermont House of Representatives. I’m not a single-issue voter, but there is one issue dear to my heart as parent and a teacher, and that is education.
Stephanie is not only a product of public education, she is a real supporter of public education. She was the only candidate to attend a Neshobe Parent Teacher Organization meeting at Neshobe School. She didn’t come to promote her candidacy but to find out what is going on at the local school level by listening to parents. She is the first candidate to have done so since I have been an officer of the PTO. Stephanie has also talked with many local teachers to find out about the educational issues they care about. She is also the only local candidate that has been endorsed by the Vermont NEA.
I have long argued that supporting local schools including the small schools would benefit the economy of the whole area by attracting younger families, increasing our property values and providing an educated workforce to attract businesses to our area. Stephanie agrees with this viewpoint. Focusing on education is not a drain on the taxpayer but an investment in our future.
Please join me in voting for Stephanie Jerome to represent us in the Vermont House of Representatives. If we invest our trust in her, it will pay dividends in support for our schools both large and small and that will benefit both our children and our future.
Carrie Mol

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