Vergennes Police Log: Two motorists cited for DUI

VERGENNES — Vergennes police in the past two weeks cited two out-of-town motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol, both after traffic stops in the heart of the city.
On Oct. 3 police issued a DUI citation to Christine Costa, 42, of Brandon after pulling her vehicle over on School Street for allegedly failing to signal a turn from Green Street. Police allege her roadside blood-alcohol content tested at 0.240, exactly three times the legal limit of 0.08.
On Oct. 14 police cited Sarah A. Rogers, 27, of Ferrisburgh after stopping her vehicle on South Maple Street for allegedly weaving over the center line. Police allege her BAC tested at 0.192.
In other incidents between Oct. 1 and 14, Vergennes police:
On Oct. 1:
•  Referred a potential child pornography case to Vermont State Police.
•  Sent background information to the Massachusetts sex offender registry.
•  Helped calm a King Street teen who was acting out.
On Oct. 2 helped a motorist get into a locked car on Macdonough Drive.
On Oct. 3 responded to a report of loose cows on Comfort Hill; their owner rounded them up.
On Oct. 4:
•  Found a Bixby Library door open and locked it.
•  Calmed a family fight on First Street.
•  Took a report of fraudulent activity on a Northlands Job Corps student’s bank card and advised the student to notify the bank.
On Oct. 6 served an abuse-prevention order to a city man.
On Oct. 7:
•  Dealt with a one-car accident on West Main Street.
•  Checked the welfare of a teen, who was found to be fine at Valley Vista.
On Oct. 8 looked for a man reported to be acting suspicious in the trees near a South Water Street home; police could not find him.
On Oct. 9 responded to a two-car accident on Monkton Road and helped a motorist get into a locked car on Macdonough Drive.
On Oct. 10:
•  Contacted a man who had yelled at an employee of a doctor’s office over the phone; police said there were concerns over his well-being. Police found out he was upset and in pain, and he made an appointment to be seen.
•  Helped a motorist get into a locked car on North Main Street.
•  Contacted a city resident on behalf of state police.
On Oct. 11 seized a Shoreham resident’s phone after obtaining a warrant, an action that was part of an ongoing investigation.
On Oct. 12:
•  Advised Bixby Library personnel on how to deal with a man trying to enter after hours.
•  Dealt with a two-car crash at the intersection of School and Green streets.
•  Checked the welfare of a city woman reported to be despondent; she said she was OK, but agreed to counseling.
•  Helped motorists get into locked cars on Monkton and Panton roads.
•  Heard from a woman who had left a tablet computer in a Shaw’s Supermarket shopping cart; police learned that the store had the item and that she could go pick it up.
•  Took a report that a vehicle might have been stolen from a South Maple Street driveway, but soon learned it had just been moved.

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