Letter to the editor: Van Wyck focused on affordability

If there is one issue you should be concerned about when you head to the polls, it’s affordability. Despite strong economic growth in most of the country, Vermont continues to lag behind.
How can Vermont residents continue to endure the ever-increasing growth in taxes and fees?
High taxes are pushing retirees out of Vermont — often just across the river to New Hampshire. Young residents seek better paying jobs — outside of Vermont — enticing parents to follow them (and their grandchildren). With fewer and fewer youths (and their parents) in the state, this creates a serious effect on the tax base necessary to pay for Vermont’s existing services, let alone new services as it seems the Democrats are suggesting.
New Hampshire, which has no sales tax, no income tax, no tax on social security and no tax on military retirement, offers many comparable advantages to Vermont yet with similar natural beauty, climate and small town atmosphere.
How long can Vermont compete at such a disadvantage?
There is only one candidate in the race for House of Representatives in Addison 3 (Addison, Ferrisburgh, Panton, Vergennes, and Waltham) who has consistently voted to keep Vermont affordable! Representative Warren Van Wyck has our best interests in mind when he votes.
We’re voting for Warren Van Wyck for State Representative. We’re not waiting until Nov. 6. We have already voted by absentee ballot.
Bernard & Dorothy Perron

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