Letter to the editor: Jerome for House is pro-education

I will be voting for Stephanie Jerome this November, a Democrat running for the House of Representatives for the communities of Brandon, Pittsford and Sudbury.
I have known Stephanie for many years. I first met Stephanie and her husband, Brian, at Neshobe School when I had the pleasure of teaching her children. As a parent she was very supportive of our school. She believes that equitable, quality education is right for all. She believes that our schools are the bedrock of our communities. Stephanie knows that schools are key to the future economic vitality of our communities. Strong schools mean a strong future.
Stephanie loves the community in which she lives. She has worked hard to make our town a better place to work, learn and have fun. She has been an active volunteer in our schools for twenty years. While her children were at Neshobe she volunteered countless hours for the PTO. For six years every week she taught science in the third- and fourth-grade classrooms with the Four Winds Program. At Otter Valley she worked for many years with The Friends of Otter Valley Music to support the students.
Stephanie Jerome knows that our children are the future of Vermont. The better educated children are, the brighter the future of Vermont.
I think Stephanie will make a wonderful state representative for our communities. I plan on voting for Stephanie for the House of Representatives in the upcoming election.
Kim Faber

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