Letter to the editor: Cordes would make excellent state representative

I am writing on behalf of Mari Cordes, who is running to represent Addison-4 (Bristol, Monkton, Starksboro, and Lincoln) in the Vermont House of Representatives. Mari will make an excellent representative for us. She is already familiar with the “legislative process,” is not afraid of it, and she has a long history of putting this into practice by fighting for causes that have enhanced our lives.
Mari has served on several advisory boards in Montpelier, including the Green Mountain Care Board and Governor Shumlin’s Health Care Consumer Advisory Board. She was also president of the nurses’ union at the University of Vermont Medical Center. All of these were collaborative efforts.
Mari is a nurse. She knows that good patient care comes from good communication and teamwork, qualities that are also vital in Montpelier. She understands that the legislative process is dialogue, forming relationships, and earning trust.
Mari’s accomplishments are numerous. Among her successes, she has fought for and won legislation that eliminated health insurance discrimination based on gender identity and for regulatory oversight to prevent selling of non-for-profit hospital assets to private companies who would then profit at our expense.
The list goes on. She can fish and use a chain saw. She is also a mother and knows what it is like to raise a family in our communities, to educate our children, and that it is time to take our economy back so that it works for all of us and not just a minority of wealthy individuals.
I am voting for Mari Cordes on November 6th.
Sally Jenks

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