Letter to the editor: Newton is ‘most highly qualified’ to be next sheriff

I am writing this letter in support of Peter D. Newton for Addison County sheriff.
I was married to the man (Jim Coons) who served as Addison County sheriff for almost 30 years. I have a very good understanding of the demands of that office and the qualities that a person should hold in order to be successful in the job of sheriff. Peter has taken on increasing responsibilities during his tenure at the Addison County Sheriff’s Department and has a thorough understanding of the duties required of the sheriff. He demonstrates the appropriate professional yet caring disposition in his interaction with the public. Specifically, Peter is optimistic and still realistic about the department’s ability to be involved in addressing Addison County’s drug abuse issues. His positive and forward-looking approach to law enforcement will benefit our community.
It is clear to me that Peter is the most highly qualified candidate for this office, and he has earned my vote.
Julie Coons

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