Letter to the editor: Jerome is best choice for Brandon-area House seat

On Nov. 6, I’ll be voting for Stephanie Jerome to represent Brandon, Pittsford and Sudbury. I met Stephanie Jerome at a campaign kick-off event and I was struck immediately by how approachable, hard-working and energetic she is. Stephanie is both a good listener and a doer, two qualities that are essential for an excellent representative.
Stephanie Jerome understands the importance of community. A 5th generation Vermonter, she grew up in Rutland County and chose to live in Brandon because of the sense of community. She and her husband built a thriving business in Brandon, so she knows the importance and challenges of owning a small business. She is committed to supporting start-ups, helping businesses grow in our towns, and ensuring equitable wages. Stephanie understands that strong public schools are more important than ever in helping young people succeed, and that a good education is a right, regardless of income. She supports teachers, administrators and staff, and is a tireless advocate for children.
Stephanie is a breast cancer survivor who recognizes that healthcare is one of the biggest challenges for Vermonters of all ages. She wants to make sure that health care is affordable and covers addiction and mental health.
As a millennial woman, economic growth and community are priorities for me, and Stephanie will be a strong advocate for Brandon, Pittsford and Sudbury. Now, more than ever, women’s voices are needed in business and politics. Stephanie will ensure that Vermont is a place where people from all backgrounds can thrive, no matter what stage in life.
Joanna Tanger

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